JGOD reveals whether new BP50 F2000 is meta in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone pacific season 5 reloaded bp50 jgod

Warzone stats expert JGOD has broken down the new Warzone Pacific Season 5 Reloaded BP50 Assault Rifle, revealing whether or not it is in the meta.

The Warzone Pacific Season 5 Reloaded update brought some fresh changes to the battle royale with a variety of balance changes that have influenced the meta, as well as updates to the Loadout Drop price and more.

While players await Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2, the new update has provided players with new weapons to get their hands on. These new weapons are the BP50 Assualt Rifle, or F2000 from MW2, and the Lienna 57 LMG, which will be available later in the season.

Warzone stats expert JGOD has decided to break down the BP50 and discuss its potential, revealing whether or not it will be included in the Warzone Pacific Season 5 Reloaded weapon meta.

Compared to the meta weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 5 Reloaded, the BP50’s TTK is in the “middle of the pack,” and according to JGOD, the weapon’s TTK “isn’t particularly strong or special.”

Even with the attachments to turn the weapon into a more close-ranged Sniper support weapon, the BP50 is “usable, but you don’t want to get caught using it up close against other SMGs.”

After breaking down the rounds per minute, time to kill, and damage profile at different ranges, JGOD states that the BP50 “doesn’t excel at any particular category,” which makes it hard to “build a class.”

By the sounds of it, JGOD doesn’t think this weapon has the potential to rival some of the top choices among the Assault Rifle or SMG meta in Warzone Pacific Season 5 Reloaded.

However, if you’d like to still give the weapon a try, make sure you check out our guide on the best BP50 loadout to use in the Warzone Pacific Season 5 Reloaded update.

Image Credits: Activision / JGOD

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