Warzone players hope “easy” Nukes will be fixed by upcoming feature

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operators on urzikstan

Warzone players are calling for the devs to bring a promised Champion’s Quest feature to prevent players from getting easy nukes.

Warzone Season 1 Reloaded introduced a new way for players to get a Nuke in battle royale. The previous iteration of the Champion’s Quest saw players having to win five matches in a row before getting a chance to carry out the Nuke contract.

Now, players can either do that or win 30 matches in a season to earn the right to try for a Nuke. While neither task is a breeze to complete, some in the community feel that it’s “too easy” to get a Nuke in the game, calling for a promised feature to be introduced as soon as possible.

According to streamer Repullze in an X clip from PullzeCheck’s podcast, getting a Nuke in Warzone is just “a little bit too easy.”

“I just don’t think they give us that same dope,” said Repullze, to which another popular streamer, Ebatez, replied, “I think the stealing aspect is going to add a lot to that.”

Previously, Warzone players were able to stop others from completing their Nuke contract by defusing the armed Nuke or by eliminating the team with the Champion’s Quest. The Nuke has only just been added to the Urzikstan iteration of Warzone, but the devs have promised a stealing feature that would allow players to pick up the Nuke contract after eliminating the player who has it.

Ebatez claimed that maybe the devs are giving everybody a shot right now to get their own Nuke,” but “when stealing comes it will make everything so much more difficult.”

This will put a much bigger target on the team trying to complete the Nuke contract, as there will be an opportunity for others to steal and do it themselves. Therefore, it would give enemy teams more motivation to track the team with the Champion’s Quest down, making it harder to pull off a nuke.

That said, others disagree that Nuke’s are too easy, as ModernWarzone commented, “The average player will never get a nuke in their life, we gotta keep perspective in these types of conversations.” Another agreed, as they said, “Too easy for who?.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the devs decide to eventually implement the stealing feature for the Nuke contract in Warzone, but for now, check out the hidden buff that makes one of the game’s best SMGs even better.

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