Warzone 2 players slam Season 4 feature “made for bots”

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 character waiting around the corner for enemy

Warzone 2 players are reacting to a new Resurgence feature being introduced in Season 4, claiming that it has been introduced for “bots.”

While many Warzone 2 players will be delighted with the Season 4 announcement, which promises exciting new weapon additions, the Vondel map, and a new Field Upgrade, some are less impressed with one of the new features coming to Resurgence.

There are two new features coming for Resurgence in Season 4 of Warzone 2, Dynamic Resurgence Timers and Vengeance Icons.

The first seems like a reasonable addition to the mode, as it gives those who lose teammates an equalizer, however, the Vengeance Icons are causing a bit of a stir among the community.

The Vengeance Icon is a new core mechanic for Resurgence, and it’s essentially a marker that’s placed on the opponent who killed your squadmates. It shows players the general direction of the killer rather than the exact location, and it lasts as long as your teammate’s Resurgence countdown is.

Players have been reacting to this new mechanic, and unfortunately, some are not too impressed with the addition. Reddit user Infernaltank asked for players’ thoughts on this new mechanic on the Warzone subreddit, to which one comment said “another thing made for bots.”

In agreement, another user said “honestly just insane how hand holding everything in this game is,” clearly feeling as if the feature will help players too much.

The new Vengeance Icons are a “core mechanic” that will be available in Resurgence across all the maps the game mode is playable on. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how much this new feature actually impacts gameplay, but players are certainly skeptical.

Some in the community even feel it will make good players even better, as one player commented “the sweats shall get sweatier.” Others are open to the feature, with one mentioning how it’s similar to the UAV ping that you get in Resurgence after killing an Operator from an enemy squad,

Season 4 is just around the corner, so once it’s live we’ll have a better idea of the overall community opinion on the new feature. For now, check out how Vondel is ramping up Warzone 2’s dynamic weather technology.

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