Warzone 2 ramps up dynamic weather with new Season 4 map Vondel

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 operators inside building on vondel

The Warzone 2 devs are leaning more into dynamic weather with the new Vondel map, as the Season 4 blog reveals new details.

The Warzone 2 Season 4 update is on the horizon, adding four weapons, the Lockdown LTM, and Vondel, an exciting new medium-sized map for the battle royale.

Players will be dropping into Vondel and exploring its POIs on June 14, when Season 4 officially launches. The map features a variety of spaces for players to enjoy, from “densely-packed urban streets and canals” to “larger structures.”

There will also be “parkour routes and numerous secrets to discover.” That said, one of the most interesting features of Vondel is its dynamic weather system, which the devs explained in a Season 4 blog.

The new Warzone 2 map Vondel will feature “dynamic fog” which aims to add more variety to player experiences in Warzone 2 and DMZ, similarly to how the sandstorm worked in Al Mazrah.

Vondel is “built atop a network of canals and is technically below sea level,” making the location subject to foggy weather conditions during “DMZ infiltrations, as well as on very rare instances in other game modes.”

While the fog may be more likely to roll around in DMZ, there is a chance that this dynamic weather effect will take place during Resurgence, or later on, BR matches, altering player decisions, as it “may be wise tactically to reevaluate combat, seek weapon optics to circumvent the weather, or head indoors, giving yourself optimal combat opportunities.”

It seems like there will be different levels of fog as well, as “typically, it is light enough to still see your opposition, except at extremely long ranges,” however, the fog’s density could increase to the levels shown in CharlieIntel’s Twitter post above.

The blog also made it clear that the sandstorm will be removed from Al Mazrah in the new update, making Vondel’s dynamic fog the only dynamic weather system in the game for Season 4.

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