What are Warzone 2 Vengeance Icons & Dynamic Resurgence Timers?

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 operator using an RPG in Vondel

Warzone 2 Season 4 brings two new features for the Resurgence mode called Vengeance Icons and Dynamic Timers, here’s how they work.

Warzone 2 is soon to receive its next major update with Season 4 on the horizon, bringing new weapons for players to try and a brand-new battle royale map, Vondel.

This new map is said to be medium-sized and it’s bringing the new Lockdown LTM along with it, which will be exclusively available on Vondel. Speaking of modes, Vondel will launch with DMZ and Resurgence, with Battle Royale for the map said to be coming later in the season.

Resurgence is one of the most well-liked modes in Warzone 2, and as players dive into Resurgence on the new map, they may also want to know the details of the two new features arriving for the mode in Season 4: Vengeance Icons and Dynamic Resurgence Timers.

Here’s our guide on Warzone 2 Resurgence’s brand-new features, so you know exactly what Vengeance Icons are and how Dynamic Resurgence Timers work.

What are Dynamic Resurgence Timers in Warzone 2?

First off, let’s start with Dynamic Resurgence Timers. Starting in Warzone 2 Season 4, Resurgence will feature a “new Dynamic Timer feature,” which, according to the Call of Duty blog, is a feature that will adjust a squad’s resurgence timer based on how many players are in the squad.

For example, if one or more players in your squad leave the lobby in a Resurgence match, your timer will be shorter and more forgiving due to having fewer players in your squad. However, if these squad members rejoin the match, the timer will revert back to normal.

What is a Vengeance Icon in Warzone 2?

An extremely interesting addition to Warzone 2’s Resurgence is the Vengeance Icon, which is essentially a marker that shows you the rough location of the enemy that eliminated your squadmates.

The blog makes it clear that the icon “merely shows direction,” not the exact location, so keep that in mind. This will certainly spice things up, as players will look to drop in and get revenge, but smart players will know of the mechanic and make sure they’re in a position to defend themselves when backup arrives.

The icon will last as long as the Resurgence Timer for your teammate and if you eliminate the rival, five seconds will be taken off “all squadmates Resurgence countdowns in addition to the normal elimination value.”

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