Warzone 2 players fed up with “stupid” disappearing Loadout Drops & pings

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 loadout drop

Warzone 2 players have expressed their frustration with the way in which Loadout Drops are presented on the map, calling the system “stupid.”

There have been many changes to how Loadout Drops work in Warzone 2, including the ability for players to now purchase a Loadout Drop Marker in the Buy Station during Season 1 Reloaded.

One of the major changes made is the way in which Loadout Drops can be seen on the minimap, as players only have a short period of time to find the Loadout Drop before the marker disappears from the map.

This is something that players haven’t been too happy about, as players have been expressing their frustrations with the disappearing Loadout Drops on Reddit.

One of the posts expressing annoyance with this issue asks “how in the hell was this thought to be a good decision? Loadout disappears in 10 seconds of landing. Wtf.”

The OP explains further, saying that they “ping a loadout, get into an engagement on the way; oh my ping is gone now. Now I have to run around looking for it.” Finding a Loadout Drop without the marker on the map or ping can be challenging, and others in the comments seem to agree.

It’s unclear among the community whether the Loadout Drop marker and pings disappear after a set time limit or when an enemy loots it, but clearly, players aren’t satisfied with the way it works.

One comment says: “If people don’t think this is an issue, that’s just weird. Pings should not disappear.” Another calls the ping system “stupid,” saying “what’s even more infuriating is stupid a** pings like buy stations and other random sh*t NEVER disappear.”

With Warzone 2 Season 2 set to release soon, perhaps we’ll see some big changes, so keep it locked on CharlieIntel for all the updates.

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