How to change Warzone 2 Ping color

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warzone 2 ping color change

Warzone 2’s default Ping color can be hard to spot in-game, luckily, we have a guide to show you how you can change it.

Communication is key in Warzone 2, especially if you’re playing in team-based modes such as Quads, Trios, and Duos. Being able to strategize and plot out your next move with your teammates is vital to success, and we’re not just talking about voice chat.

In Warzone 2, the devs included a detailed Ping system for players to effectively communicate with their teammates without the need for a microphone. This is obviously a great accessibility option, especially if the player can’t get on the microphone or even speaks a different language.

Unfortunately, one issue players have been having with the Ping system in Warzone 2 is the color of the default Ping, which is just white. A white Ping can be hard to spot on Al Mazrah, especially if there’s a lot going on.

Luckily, there is a way to change the color of the Ping in Warzone 2, so here’s our guide on how to do so.

warzone 2 operator aiming at other players

How do I change my Warzone 2 Ping color?

Simply follow these steps to change the color of your Ping in Warzone 2:

  1. Launch Warzone 2.
  2. Head to the ‘Interface’ tab in the settings.
  3. Select the ‘Color Customization’ option under ‘Readability’.
  4. Change the ‘Neutral’ color to something that stands out more.
  5. Load into a game and enjoy your new Ping color.

We recommend changing this to a light purple, pink, or orange, as these colors will stand out the most without interfering with other colors on the screen so that you can identify Pings with ease.

Unfortunately, this setting doesn’t allow you to change the Ping color for teammates, so everyone’s Ping will be the same color unlike how it used to work in the previous Warzone.

However, with loads of settings from the original yet to be seen in Warzone 2, such as the Play Again button, it’s possible that they will introduce it down the line.

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