Warzone 2 players beg for clever change that would make looting a breeze

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operator firing assault rifle

The Call of Duty community is calling for a major change that will make picking up loot significantly quicker and easier in Warzone 2.

While the Warzone 2 developers haven’t officially revealed much information about the content included in the game, numerous leaks have given us a look at potential maps as well as a new Strongholds mechanic.

The highly-anticipated Warzone sequel will also feature other new content, and Call of Duty players are calling for the developers to bring a feature that would make looting extremely easy.

Reddit user ‘PadThai42’ attempted to collect loot from a discarded backpack in the middle of a Warzone match, only to pick up the wrong items repeatedly. They then spent extra time trying to get it right.

The Redditor was understandably frustrated by what happened and shared this clip in the Warzone Pacific subreddit. They used it as a case for why Warzone 2 needs to make picking up loot “easier and quicker.”

Many of the commenters in the thread agreed with the sentiment that collecting loot should be less of a hassle. One user gave a simple solution the sequel’s developers can use to let players get around this problem

They suggested that Warzone 2 should include more advanced auto loot settings that will allow you to choose which specific items you want to pick. This will prevent players from accidentally collecting the wrong thing.

Warzone features auto-loot options for cash, armor plates, and ammo, as well as tactical and lethal equipment that players already have equipped. Players want the sequel to extend this mechanic to other items such as weapons.

One commenter stated: “I always want to auto-loot a satchel and gas mask if I don’t have one. I would also choose to auto-loot any tactical or lethal if I didn’t have one. Auto loot options like these for WZ2 would be nice.”

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen if Warzone 2 will bring any major looting changes like this, but leaks suggest that it will feature a bag system for inventory management. This will let you carry different tiers of loot.

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