Warzone 2 expert JGOD reveals underrated optics to dominate Ranked Play

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 teplo clear shot optic in firing range

Warzone 2 expert James ‘JGOD’ Godoy has showcased some weapon optics he believes are currently being overlooked and could become the meta options for Ranked Play.

Just like meta weapons, Warzone 2 players will often run the same optics, with the SZ Holotherm being extremely popular in Ranked Play due to the use of heavy use of Smoke Grenades.

If you’re sick of using the same optics, luckily Warzone 2 content creator and expert JGOD has revealed some optic options that players should be giving more time, especially in the competitive mode.

After demonstrating how some of the game’s thermal optics act when an enemy player has the Cold Blooded Perk versus when they don’t, JGOD highlighted the best options.

JGOD’s best Warzone 2 thermal optics

JGOD highlights the Teplo Clear Shot optic in Warzone 2, as he actually believes is the “best” option or even “tied” with the SZ Holotherm. This hybrid optic has a nice, clean thermal sight, but the reason JGOD believes it’s “so good,” is because it also has a reflex sight, which provides some extra versatility.

Using the Teplo Clear Shot optic means that you can switch to and from either a reflex sight that’s great for controlling recoil and close-range engagements, to a zoomed thermal sight that will spot enemies rotating through smoke with ease.

Even when the enemy has Cold Blooded, JGOD demonstrated how the Warzone 2 Teplo Clear Shot optic is still able to highlight an enemy through smoke.

Further, according to JGOD, the Thermo-Optic X9 is another excellent option, especially for those who are used to the SZ Holotherm, as it’s a hybrid sight that features a very similar holographic optic which can be swapped out for a more zoomed, thermal optic.

Having the option to swap to and from a thermal sight is great in Warzone 2, as it means you can spot enemies through smoke when you need to.

So, there you have it, those are two optics that JGOD feels players should be giving a go, as they are great alternatives to the popular SZ Holotherm.

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