Warzone 2 devs finally respond to frustrating Gulag footstep audio issue

Liam Mackay
Gulag in Warzone 2 Season 3

Warzone 2 players have long been complaining that their Gulag matches have been ruined by the loud spectator footsteps above, and devs Raven Software have finally acknowledged the issue.

After Warzone 2 launched with the controversial 2v2 Gulag, the classic 1v1 pit returned in Season 2. Winning the Gulag is even more important with Ranked Play‘s arrival in Season 3, but players have long complained about the loud footsteps above.

Loud footstep audio from spectators was an issue throughout Warzone 1’s lifecycle, but the devs fixed it back in June’s Season 4 update. However, it returned in Al Mazrah with a vengeance, as spectator’s footsteps often sound as though they’re in the Gulag with you, making it extremely difficult to guess whether it’s your opponent or just someone running around above.

Following the May 24 update where the devs banned thermal optics from Ranked Play, Raven Software confirmed they’re “investigating an issue causing Players to hear spectator footsteps during a Gulag Match.”

They’ve added the issue to their Trello board, marking it down as “investigating.” There’s no timeframe for when the issue will be fixed, and although there might be a smaller update or two beforehand, the next major update is Season 4 in June.

While players were delighted to see this issue has finally been acknowledged, some were frustrated it took so long. One Redditor called it “proof the devs don’t play this game” because “this has been going on for months and they [are] just realizing now.”

“I legit had to check the date of this tweet,” replied another player. “This has been happening for YEARS.”

Rest assured, the issue is on Raven Software’s radar now and we should expect a fix in the coming weeks, alongside the other issues they’re investigating such as Ranked players not receiving SR for their final kill.