Warzone 2 players claim footstep audio is still “embarrassing” despite fixes

Warzone 2 Hutch aiming Sniper RifleActivision

Despite the Warzone 2 developers implementing fixes to improve the in-game footstep audio, players continue to lament the poor quality of the sounds, claiming that it’s “embarrassing” even after the tweaks.

With Season 3 Reloaded well underway, Warzone 2 players are hopping into the game to check out the new content that arrived in the update, including guns like the GS Magna. When playing the Call of Duty title, hearing enemy footsteps and audio cues during battles determine your chances of victory.

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Warzone 2’s audio has been a point of controversy with many players complaining that the footstep sounds of other players are not audible enough. While the developers implemented audio fixes multiple times, including in Season 3 Reloaded, players still feel that more work is needed.

Reddit user ‘Klubhead’ shared a clip of their gameplay in the Warzone 2 subreddit. It shows them looking out a window with their weapon ready, only to get quickly eliminated by an enemy that was able to sneak up behind them.

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The enemy was able to take the player by surprise because their footsteps were not audible in the clip. As a result, the Redditor slammed Warzone 2 for having “the worst footstep audio in gaming history” and called it “embarrassing.”

The comments of this thread were filled with players that shared the Redditor’s sentiment, with one claiming that Warzone Caldera’s audio was “A+ compared to what we have now.” Another added: “At least you knew when an enemy was stomping around in your building” in the first game.

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One player commented that PUBG has “insanely superior audio” compared to Warzone 2. While the developers have attempted to fix the game’s audio, one user explained why the changes they made aren’t enough.

The player stated: “IW ‘fixes it’ every two weeks and ArtIsWar’s settings get screwed. Sound optimizations are great don’t get me wrong, but we shouldn’t have to install 3 apps in the first place. Also, it does not fix missing footsteps, just improves sound overall.”

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Many players expressed their desire to see better footstep audio implemented in Warzone 2. Hopefully, the developers will be able to find a proper fix that will allow players to hear their enemies’ footsteps.

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