Simple Warzone 2 trick makes Battle Rifles perfect close-range options

Hamza Khalid
Battle Rifle in Warzone 2

Warzone 2’s Battle Rifles aren’t as popular as other weapon categories like Assault Rifles, but Call of Duty expert TrueGameData has revealed a trick to make Battle Rifles more viable.

With Season 2 of Warzone 2 set to begin on February 15, players are wondering which weapons will become the most viable options after the Call of Duty title’s meta undergoes changes.

Battle Rifles are great for dishing out pain across Al Mazrah, but players tend to gravitate towards LMGs and Assault Rifles instead. However, one Warzone 2 expert has highlighted a way to make Battle Rifles deadlier.

Warzone 2 expert TrueGameData compared the damage profiles of Battle Rifles by using his stats website. Most weapons in this category have a default single fire, and TrueGameData elaborated on why you should try auto-fire instead.

He explained: “For the vast majority of these single-fire weapons, they are trying to reward precision when you use single fire, so you get much more headshot damage in general and more consistent body damage on automatic.”

Using full auto-fire with the Lachman-762, SO-14, TAQ-V, and FTAC Recon will help you greatly in close-range combat situations, specifically inside the 40-50 meters distance. This will increase the TTK of these weapons.

TrueGameData added: “Up close, anywhere inside 40-50 meters, you are always going to want to be on the full auto mode for the TAQ-V, and any of these guns because the time to kill is going to be effectively much faster unless you can hit headshots and be very precise.”

This is a simple trick but it can make a huge difference in battles, as it will allow you to quickly eliminate the competition. So, be sure to try changing your Battle Rifle’s fire mode the next time you’re in a tough close-range fight.

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Image Credits: Activision

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