Ridiculous Warzone glitch gives players win with an enemy still alive

Liam Mackay
Warzone player winning with enemy still alive

A bizarre new glitch has hit Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5, allowing players to win a game with an enemy still alive.

Like any multiplayer game, Warzone isn’t safe from bugs and glitches. While some are on the frustrating and game-breaking side, some are simply bizarre such as players becoming giants and seeing inside their own skulls. One of the more comically ridiculous glitches to have hit Warzone allows players to win games while an enemy is still alive.

Of course, it likely won’t be as fun for that player left alive, but Warzone victors across both Verdansk and Rebirth Island have been left baffled as random players interrupt their victory screens.

Reddit user korvo42 was one of the first to share the bug, posting to CoD Warzone’s subreddit that they “won with an enemy still alive.” The OP and his squad were in a 4v3 situation in Rebirth Island but after only taking out two players, they somehow won the game.

korvo42 broke down the footage, revealing that an enemy was still alive and could be seen firing on the minimap after the game had been won. Then, the player was hilariously loitering below the players and firing their weapon as the victors climbed into the victory chopper.

This also happened to one of Warzone’s top streamers, Iron. There were three players left in his Verdansk Solos game and after Iron took out one, the victory screen flashed and he thought nothing of it. However, a random player parachuted down, leaving the streamer visibly confused.

There doesn’t appear to be any footage of how it looks for the last player still alive, but from the Reddit post footage, it appears that they can still control their player model.

Raven Software haven’t acknowledged the glitch, but if it really is costing player wins, they’re likely to address it soon.

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Image Credit: Activision

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