Game-breaking Warzone glitch allows players underneath Airport again

Liam Mackay
Warzone Verdansk 84 airport

Warzone’s Verdansk ’84 overhaul was plagued by various glitches that allowed players to get under the map, but now it appears that players can once again exploit their way underneath Airport.

Verdansk ’84 gave Warzone’s map a much-needed shakeup in Season 3 with many existing points of interest (POIs) getting an overhaul and some brand-new ones arriving. However, the first few weeks of the game were plagued by under-the-map glitches, making places like Airport and Stadium a nightmare.

Now, in Season 5, it appears that Airport’s under-the-map glitch has returned, making visiting the area a risky endeavor until it’s fixed again.

Warzone Verdansk '84 airport

There have been several ways to exploit under the map such as using vehicles, but Verdansk ’84’s Airport allowed players to simply walk through a broken wall. We’re unsure if the same glitch has returned, but players are getting underneath Airport again.

Reddit user MarkC_belfast provided the evidence. They were cautiously traveling through Airport, tracking a player on their Heartbeat Sensor. As they approached the dot, they were instantly knocked as bullets flew through the floor.

The killcam showed the player was indeed underneath the map with the ability to shoot up at players above.

Some users in the comments searched up the exploiter’s profile and discovered that they were Level 500, 23rd Prestige. This makes it highly unlikely that it’s hacks, and will likely be a return of one of the various under-the-map glitches that have plagued the game in the past.

Raven Software has been proactive in tackling these issues before, so expect it to get fixed again once it’s on their radar.

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Image Credit: Activision

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