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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone devs respond to frustrating glitch still letting players under Stadium

Warzone’s developers have responded to players still glitching their way underneath Stadium and other locations in Season 3.



Players glitching underneath Verdansk Stadium

Although Raven Software has released a couple of patches to stop players glitching under Verdansk ’84 in Season 3, Warzone cheaters have still found their way underneath Stadium, and devs have responded again.

Verdansk ’84 players have been continuously plagued by Warzone cheaters exploiting their way underneath the map. In the first week of the game, it was a regular occurrence to find players under the ground in Stadium, Train Station, and Airport.

Raven Software, Warzone’s devs, have addressed the problem in two rounds of fixes, but the problem still persists, especially in Train Station and Stadium. Glitching your way under the map makes you both invisible and invincible to those above, so social media has been ablaze with players reporting the issue.

Warzone Verdansk '84 Stadium

After Raven Software confirmed they removed Deployable Cover from the game, YouTuber JGOD asked them for “Any update on the under the map glitch at Stadium? Seems to be happening with regularity still.”

They were quick to respond, telling JGOD, “We’re certainly aware and continuing to monitor for new spots that need fixing. Keep the reports coming in!” They have also updated their official Trello board of known bugs and issues, saying that a “Third round of fixes is lined up for an upcoming patch.”

It’s clear Raven is keen to stay on top of this issue, so it will most likely be addressed in a hotfix this week. Alongside it, it’s possible we’ll see more weapon balance tweaks, as the developers are keen to raise the skill gap and buff “struggling Modern Warfare weapons.”

As we’ve said before, we recommend staying away from Stadium and Airport as much as possible and report any player you find glitching underneath Verdansk ’84.

Image Credit: Activision