Warzone 2 players claim “annoying” Vondel circles need Ashika Island fix

Nathan Warby
Souvenirs District in Warzone 2 VondelActivision

The new Vondel map added in Warzone 2 Season 4 has been mostly well-received by the community, but fans feel the Resurgence is suffering from a similar problem to Ashika Island at launch and are desperate for a fix.

Warzone 2 Season 4 brought a ton of fresh content to the CoD battle royale, from new weapons like the Tempus Razorback and ISO 45 to a Battle Pass filled with unlockables. But arguably the marquee addition in the update was the Vondel map.

This new Resurgence map has been well-received so far, with many fans already preferring Vondel to Ashika Island, and wasting no time uncovering all of the secrets and Easter eggs hidden around the city streets.

However, many players have taken issue with how the circle works on Warzone 2’s Vondel and called for the devs to issue the same fix that was used on Ashika Island.

Reddit user ‘tennisballop’ shared a post calling for the first circle to be”50% bigger,” as players are currently being forced into a tight corner right away in Warzone 2 matches on Vondel. This is made worse by the fact that the area unaffected by the gas cloud is often dominated by water rather than dry land.

In a follow-up post, the OP mentioned that a similar problem was affecting Ashika Island when it launched back in Season 2. They said: “This was previously fixed for Ashika, please fix for Vondel.”

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They accompanied their post with a screenshot of the patch notes from Season 2 Reloaded, where the first circle on Ashika Island was made “20% larger, and more likely to be on land, to better enable a successful infill.”

Many other players responded to the post, mocking the way circles work on Vondel in Warzone 2 Season 4 and calling for the devs to issue a fix.

“I think the fact that they’re so drastic in which corners is what’s annoying,” said one reply, with another joking: “Vondel circle be corner camping more than the players themselves.”

The main issue players had with the circle was that it seems to force them into water combat rather than the gunplay they are used to.

Another player added: “Remember when they removed all the water from Caldera rivers because everyone hated it? COD devs with a galaxy brain: ‘Yeah… let’s make it a core mechanic of our next game!'”

Only time will tell if the devs decide to tweak the circle behavior on Vondel in a future update. Regular Warzone 2 updates have been dropping and Season 4 Reloaded is around the corner, so there’s every chance that the issue could be solved in the coming weeks.

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