Frustrating Warzone Gas Mask glitch is costing players wins

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone pacific gas

Warzone players are frustrated with the state of the game, as a new Gas Mask glitch is causing a HUD bug that is costing players wins.

With Warzone Pacific Season 3 finally dropping, players have finally been given some brand new content to enjoy, such as two new weapons and some changes to the Caldera map.

Having said that, the new update seems to have brought more bugs and glitches to the table. Some new bugs are even preventing players from winning games due to Gas Masks causing issues with the HUD.

Warzone Pacific Operator wearing Gas Mask

When it comes to the last few squads left in a match, things can get intense, and players may have to come up with some high IQ strategies to win.

A lot of the time, a great way to see a game out is staying in the zone with your Gas Mask and jumping out at your opponents when they least expect it.

Despite fixing the Gas Mask animation in the Season 3 update, this strategy has been stifled by a new “HUD bug” that Reddit user phenomzye has highlighted on the Warzone subreddit.

As you can see from the clip, the player seemingly has a fully healed Gas Mask before they enter the zone. However, once they take one hit from the gas, the mask goes straight down to low durability and breaks, leaving them exposed to damage.

This ultimately cost the player a “14 kill game,” and others in the comments shared similar experiences.

One user stated, “Literally happened to me just now and I was questioning myself whether it was full or not.”

Apparently, there is a way players can check to see whether their Gas Mask is full or not, as one of the comments suggests that you can double-check in the drop menu, and even drop the mask to check it again.

Hopefully, Raven Software can fix this issue as soon as possible, for now, check out the best Warzone close-range meta weapon for Season 3 according to JGOD.

Image Credits: Activision

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