Secret Warzone buff turns underrated LMG into meta SMG

Max Candelarezi
DG-58 LSW JAK Nightshade Rifle Kit

Warzone updates sometimes include massive hidden buffs that turn underrated weapons into strong meta contenders, just like what happened to the DG-58 LSW with Season 3 Reloaded.

In Warzone, continuously seeking out the best weapons is a constant pursuit for players striving to maintain a competitive edge. Doing so empowers you to perform exceptionally well in any fight, increasing your chances of being the last one standing.

While the game has some popular options at close range such as the HRM-9, WSP-9, or Striker 9, some other options may go under the radar, and this is the case with the DG-58 LSW LMG when using its buffed JAK Nightshade Conversion Kit, which transforms the weapon into a powerful Rifle-SMG hybrid.

Despite no mention of the changes introduced for the LMG’s Conversion Kit in the patch notes, when equipped with the best attachments, the DG-58 LSW has an extremely fast TTK that allows it to destroy enemies at close range with ease.

According to TrueGameData‘s analytics, this weapon holds the best TTK with a 562 value up to 19 meters and 632 up to 35 meters, winning over all the popular Season 3 Reloaded SMG picks mentioned before.

The key to achieving these incredible stats within the loadout is undoubtedly the JAK Nightshade Rifle Kit Aftermarket Part attachment, which significantly improves all damage values, range, fire rate, as well as movement, including sprint, ADS, and sprint-to-fire speeds.

Since the Conversion Kit allows the LMG to become a “crazy good” SMG, many players and content creators, like Metaphor, think this could be a bug and the massive buff wasn’t actually intended. However, Raven Software haven’t addressed this as an issue (yet), we’ll make sure to keep you posted if they do.

So know you know, don’t be surprised if this DG-58 LSW SMG-hybrid appears more often in your matches, as it’s set to take over the close-range meta.