Warzone devs nerf Season 3 Reloaded Aftermarket Part & address game-breaking bugs

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operators in Rebirth Island

After a rough start following Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update, the devs released a new hotfix to nerf a broken Aftermarket Part attachment dominating the game and took the time to address game-breaking bugs.

MW3 and Warzone are no strangers to issues when massive updates hit the games, and Season 3 Reloaded was no exception. The mid-season update brought a ton of content, but most of it was eclipsed by several game-breaking bugs and an overpowered Aftermarket Part.

Since the update on May 1, players have had an issue with the Automatic Tac Sprint setting preventing them from reloading, missing audio when carrying out different actions, and issues when trying to throw Equipment, among others.

Thanks to an update on May 3, the devs have started to handle these issues by releasing a small patch. It brings a massive nerf to the DG-58 LSW’s JAK Nightshade Kit Aftermarket Part, primarily reducing its damage. Before the nerf, players were turning the underrated LMG into a meta SMG with outstanding TTK.

Also, the Lockwood MK2’s JAK Wardens‘ attachment issue causing “shots to not hit in the expected location while firing simultaneously” was fixed.

Finally, the dev team confirmed that fixing the Automatic Tactical Sprint functionality is “a top priority” as they’re actively “working on implementing a solution sometime next week.” Meanwhile, they recommended players switch to the Automatic Sprint setting.