All Caldera map changes in Warzone Season 3

Luca Di Marzo
New Warzone Caldera POI Dig Site

Warzone Pacific’s Season 3 update will bring some exciting map updates and a new POI to Caldera. Here’s every map change arriving in Warzone Pacific Season 3.

After a ton of criticism was aimed at Caldera’s map design, the Warzone Pacific island will continue to undergo changes throughout Season 3. These changes are being made in an effort to improve the overall battle royale gameplay experience for players.

POI distribution has always been a hot topic and it turns out several areas will undergo significant changes in Warzone Pacific Season 3. Here’s every map change that Raven Software have planned for Caldera in Season 3.

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Warzone Season 3 Caldera map changes


peak Warzone Pacific Season 3

At the start of Season 3, players will receive changes to Peak, which is something they’ve been asking for since the introduction of Caldera. Although Peak is considered a hot drop, the awkward positioning of a massive mountain in the middle of the map, makes it hard to rotate.

Luckily, players received Redeploy Balloons to alleviate this issue slightly. In addition, Season 3 changes that see a fortified version of Peak emerge could result in a more rewarding experience for players who venture up the mountain.

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As you can see in the image, Peak is no longer under construction. Players will now be able to enter buildings and towers across Peak that are fully built up.

You’ll also be able to get around easier by using “new exterior and interior ascenders to quickly travel between old and new floors of this area, or drop down to the core to see some of the upgrades made to the otherwise natural structure.”

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sandbar Lagoon Warzone Pacific Season 3

In Season 3, Lagoon will be getting a much-needed update, which sees a “receding tide” revealing a new path to the Lagoon.

This new area uncovered by the low tide is another place for players to find items and loot, as the devs state, “you may have already been down underneath the bridge and waded through the waters, but with this tide shift, it’s worth seeing what washed up and exploring the area for items.”

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Players will be able to use this new uncovered path to “check enemies at the Lighthouse, a spot that towers over the Lagoon and the surrounding area.”


Runway Warzone Pacific Season 3

Along with POI updates, you’ll notice that Caldera’s skies are darker than usual. There’s no telling if this will last throughout the entire season but it looks like there will be a menacing atmosphere across the island to suit Operation Monarch.

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You can see these dark skies at the Runway POI alongside a new set of barracks and hangars, which offer new “scavenging opportunities,” where players may even find one of the new weapons. You’ll also notice that a ton of jungle foliage has been removed in an attempt to improve visibility on the map.

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Runway will also include “a few decommissioned planes that could act as cover, as well as a few guard towers and water towers for getting a better survey of the area.” Although visibility is set to improve, rotating out of Runway may prove difficult with less cover, but luckily the POI tends to have plenty of drivable vehicles to help rotation.

New Dig Site POI

dig site Warzone Pacific Season 3

Last but not least. players will receive a new POI called Dig Site. This location perfectly fits the theme of colossal monsters and hidden secrets in Classified Arms. In the images we’ve seen of Dig Site, players can see the skull and bone remains of an ape-like and serpent-like creature.

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Of course, this ties in perfectly with the Godzilla vs Kong event that the new season is highlighting. Dig Site can be found between the Mine and Ruins POIs. Once there, you can “rummage through abandoned excavation equipment, tents, and massive skeletons for Supply Boxes and other items.”

Given the interest in both movie monsters, Dig Site is likely to become a hot drop in Season 3 as players attempt to discover hidden mysteries on the island.

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New Warzone Pacific Season 3 Gulag – The Hold

The Hold Gulag Warzone

The Warzone Pacific Season 3 update doesn’t just bring changes to the island, but it also introduces a new layout for the Gulag. Eliminated players will now have to visit the Hold for Warzone Pacific Season 3’s Gulag for a chance to redeploy.

This new Gulag is a three-lane close-quarters area, “themed for an island in peril.” The Hold is a symmetrical arena, which has both central lanes and perimeter corridors that suit “close-quarters weapon.”

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As Caldera transforms from a sunny paradise to a dark place of destruction and calamity, you’ll have plenty of new areas to discover when the update goes live on April 27.

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