All Urzikstan map changes in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operators fighting in popov power in season 4 reloaded

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded will bring an exciting map change for Urzikstan, as the massive POI Popov Power has seen a detonation that has redesigned its layout and uncovered some new pathways.

This is the only major map change coming to battle royale in the update, but it has completely altered the main POI and its surrounding area, as well as even uncovering new subterranean tunnels.

For those interested in the Popov Power POI update, here’s all the details.

Detonation at Popov Power Plant

An explosion from a DNA bomb at Popov Power Plant has completely altered the Urzikstan POI, offering brand-new pathways while also covering the location with a “toxic chemical agent.”

The massive detonation has collapsed a large section of the cooling tower in the POI, leaving it exposed. On top of that, the main reactor building has also “fully ruptured,” altering the layout inside and giving players a new way to drop in from the exposed roof.

You’ll find that the explosion’s damage has reached many buildings in the outer area of the POI. The detonation also uncovered a new set of underground tunnels, and the devs hint that you may find some answers about the cause of the explosion down there.

Warzone players will find green sludge scattered across the power plant, and the CoD blog advises you to “exercise extreme caution” when in the area. It’s currently unclear whether this toxic substance will affect players in the standard battle royale mode, but we’ll be sure to update this once we know.

The toxic substance will impact gameplay in the new Mutation Resurgence mode coming in Season 4 Reloaded, which sees players dropping into the vicinity of Popov Power Plant. This mode will be the perfect way to explore and get to know the newly destroyed POI, as well as have some fun with the mutations.

Speaking of which, if you’re more of a multiplayer enjoyer, check out everything we know about the new Mutation mode coming to MW3 Season 4 Reloaded.

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