Vanguard players beg devs to nerf overpowered fire grenades

Hamza Khalid
Vanguard Operator throwing grenade

Vanguard players are frustrated with the overpowered state of fire grenades and are calling for Sledgehammer Games to implement a major nerf to fix this problem.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has a variety of different activities for players to try out. You can try earning Weapon XP to level up your weapons or even try to unlock the incredible Atomic mastery camo.

However, the game has its fair share of issues, and one of the most prevalent problems frustrating players is that the fire grenades are too overpowered. Now, fans are asking the devs to implement a nerf.

Vanguard Das Haus map

Reddit user MutagensRS highlighted this issue in the CoD: Vanguard subreddit. They brought up that it’s currently impossible to counter players that use fire grenades to trap and eliminate their opponents.

The Redditor asked: “Why are there 2 fire grenades, with another one in the battle pass and 0 way to counter them? Das Haus is nothing but fire on every single doorway the entire game, it’s ridiculous. Please give us a counter to it.”

Many players agreed with this sentiment, stating that the abundance of fires makes it nearly impossible to survive. Some even claimed that this adds to Vanguard’s glaring visibility issues.

“Everything has fire in this game,” commented one user. “The hardest part I’ve faced in this game to date is visibility. Can’t see shit when everything is sparking, on fire or smoking.”

Many of the commenters agreed that Vanguard’s fire grenades are currently overpowered, and they are in dire need of a nerf. As MutagensRS stated, the problem is most prevalent in the Das Haus map.

There were various different ideas from players to solve this problem. “How about an air-diffuser tactical grenade that explodes, displaces the air and snuffs out the fires,” one user suggested.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not the developers will listen to this feedback and implement a major nerf to fire grenades. If they announce a change, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision