Modern Warfare 2 solo players feel punished by “shameful” lack of support

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 Operator in Breenburgh Hotel map

Modern Warfare 2 players feel there’s a “shameful” lack of support for those playing solo, with most experiences tailored toward playing in a group.

While Modern Warfare 2 has plenty of experiences for players to jump into including traditional 6v6 gameplay, Special Ops, Warzone 2, and the extraction-based DMZ mode, they feel that solo players are being neglected as anything other than traditional multiplayer is too punishing.

Reddit user T/DinD took to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit to complain that “the lack of support for solo players is shameful.”

They claimed they can’t play Raids or Spec Ops and while they can play Solo DMZ against squads of three, “the M13B challenge punishes solo players.”

“As a solo player, Cold War was really enjoyable but this game constantly tells me ‘get 3 friends or go away,'” they complained.

Other players felt the same, with user freq-ee explaining, “What’s weird is they want you to team up, but then give no tools to do so.” As an example, they mention that Season 1 Reloaded‘s Raids mode won’t have any matchmaking, you’ll need to be in a squad before launching the Raid.

“Devs need to understand that having a dedicated group of friends who you play with every day is VERY UNUSUAL and only a small percentage of players have this,” they concluded. “Then to top it off you can’t make friends because lobbies break up constantly,” said another.

While some brought up that Warzone 2′s DMZ has matchmaking, others replied that it’s “painful.” TheLegendOfCheerios said: “It’s a fight over who does their missions and the team ends up going in 3 different directions, it’s a joke.”

“And the best part is that you can’t rely on randoms at all [because] 90% of the time if you go down they’ll just loot and abandon your body,” responded another. “Solo players need to be focused on for a while.”

Some recommended solo players who are struggling to take to Discord groups to find like-minded players, and others hope that the new Groups social feature that arrives with Season 1 Reloaded will help them to party up.

Image Credit: Activision

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