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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

All DMZ rewards in Warzone 2 & how to get them: M13B, Faction Missions & Weapon Case rewards

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode lets you earn free rewards such as cosmetics and a new weapon, here’s all of the rewards you can earn.



Modern Warfare 2 Operators in DMZ mode

Warzone 2’s DMZ brings a PvPvE extraction mode to the battle royale, where players can earn unique rewards. Here’s everything we know about the DMZ so far, including how to get rewards in the mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 brings plenty of new modes for players to experience, including a full third-person playlist, Destiny-style Raids, Warzone 2, and DMZ. The free-to-play DMZ mode tasks players with battling other players and AI as they try to complete objectives, extract high-value loot, and they can earn free rewards while doing so.

Here are all of the missions and rewards for DMZ that players can take into both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

Modern Warfare 2 Operator with M13B assault rifle

How to get M13B in DMZ

Season 1’s new M13B Assault Rifle is described as the “ultimate reward” for the DMZ mode. While it was originally said to be unlocked through a “Store Bundle or Weapon Unlock Challenge,” it’s now also listed as a DMZ reward.

Players will simply need to locate the Contaminated Zone in a DMZ match and eliminate the Chemist, a boss AI that appears in the area. After killing the Chemist, they will drop a weapon blueprint of the M13B, which players need to then extract in order to unlock it and use it in their custom loadouts.

Similar to the way that players can skip the weapon unlock grind, free-to-play players can skip the multiplayer-based challenge by extracting with locked weapons in the DMZ, which unlocks them in your custom loadout. But, we’ll need to wait for the full launch to know for sure.

Warzone 2 DMZ Faction Missions rewards

Legion tier 1 missions

Make Contact30 minute Double XP Token & 5000 XP

  • Use your Tac-Map and ping a contract phone.
  • Find a contract phone and download the intel.

Locate and ScavengePseudo Private Emblem & 5000 XP.

  • Find and loot five loot caches.
  • Loot five items into your backpack.

Al-Qatala Informant – M4 Contraband Weapon & 5000 XP

  • Activate one UAV tower.

Storm the Stronghold – Pendulum Weapon Blueprint & 5000 XP

  • Acquire a stronghold keycard.
  • Clear a stronghold of enemy combatants.
  • Extract the White Lotus intel found on stronghold guards.

Legion tier 2 missions

Big Spender – Cavern Boat Dock Shack Key & 7500 XP

  • Acquire $60,000 in cash.
  • Spend $60,000 at a shop.

Buried Barrels – SP-R 208 Contraband Weapon & 5000 XP

  • Complete one Secure Radioactive Material contract.
  • Loot four items from the radioactive caches.

Junker – Pseudo Private Calling Card & 7500 XP.

  • Destroy six vehicles.

Anti-Air – RPK Contraband Weapon & 7500 XP.

  • Capture a SAM site.
  • Wait for your captured SAM site to shoot down an airplane.
  • Loot a dropped supply drop.

Key Elimination – Fanning Konig Calling Card & 7500 XP.

  • Complete an Eliminate HVT contract.
  • Loot a ket found on a HVT or elsewhere.
  • Use a key to unlock a locked space.

Data Collection – FTAC Recon Contraband Weapon & 7500 XP.

  • Find and loot a computer.
  • Extract four thumb drives.
  • Extract five hard drives.

Frame Job – Anonymous Operator Skin & 15,000 XP.

  • Purchase an LTV with a turret at a shop.
  • Use the LTV turret to kill 10 enemies in Ahkdar Village.
  • Destroy the LTV in Mawizeh Marsh.

White Lotus tier 1 missions

World TravelerM16 Contraband Weapon & 5000 XP.

  • Travel to six different points of interest in one deployment.

Convenience – Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key & 5000 XP.

  • Fuel and repair vehicles at five gas stations.
  • Extract five gas cans.

Badge of Honor – Basilisk Contraband Weapon & 5000 XP.

  • Acquire a Basilisk, commonly found in police stations.
  • Kill 13 enemies with headshots using a Basilisk.

Health Conscious – White Lotus Emblem & 5000 XP.

  • Loot a medicine cabinet.
  • Extract nine stims.
  • Extract six bandages.

Demolitions – 30 minute Double Weapon XP Token & 5000 XP.

  • Acquire a Destroy Supplies contract.
  • Complete a Destroy Supplies contract.
  • Open a safe.

Fully Encumbered – RAPP H Contraband Weapon & 5000 XP.

  • Extract with a full backpack.

Flight Recon – Steel Ghost Weapon Blueprint & 10,000 XP.

  • Land a light helo at the Hafid Port helipad.
  • Download the light hero’s flight path data.
  • Extract with the light helo’s flight path data.
Warzone 2 Operator taking cover

Warzone 2 Weapon Case Event rewards

Players can earn rewards in DMZ by completing Weapon Case events in-game. These events happen once a game, and it’s a first come first serve event, so make sure you’re ready for some competition.

In these areas, which are marked on the map, players need to fight off AI and eliminate a Juggernaught AI who will then drop a Weapon Case. This Weapon Case then needs to be extracted for players to redeem the rewards.

The Weapon Case event in DMZ can spawn in one of three locations in each match:

  • Observatory
  • Al Sharim Pass
  • Zarqa Hydroelectric

There are seven rewards up for grabs, and they can only be earned one by one per-Weapon Case extracted. The rewards include a weapon blueprint, weapon sticker, charm, vehicle skin, Calling Card, Emblem, and an Operator skin:

  • Caution Tape – RPK Weapon Blueprint
  • Biohazard – Weapon Sticker
  • Jungle Incognito – Vehicle Skin
  • Gas Gas Gas – Weapon Charm
  • Weapon Crate – Calling Card
  • Weapon Crate – Emblem
  • Biohazard – Konig Operator skin

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with future DMZ updates and rewards. For now, check out the best audio settings for Warzone 2 and how the new Prestige system works.

Image Credit: Activision