Modern Warfare 2 players claim Ranked Play has “ruined” multiplayer

modern warfare 2 ranked play operators

The introduction of Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play seems to have ruined pub matches for many players, feeling as if the latter is a much worse experience.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded is almost here, and so far this season has been a big success, mostly thanks to the introduction of Ranked Play, which players were calling for since the game’s launch.

Now it’s here, the community is no doubt enjoying it. The format and experience is very different compared to the standard multiplayer playlist, as it is tailored for a more competitive and balanced affair.

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While this is obviously positive for Modern Warfare 2 players, unfortunately, it seems to have had a negative effect on the casual Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer modes.

Reddit user The_Crimson_Avenger put a post in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit explaining how “Ranked has ruined pubs.”

In the post, the user explains that they had never played Call of Duty “competitively/in a ranked setting until ranked came out with season 2” of Modern Warfare 2. However, since playing Ranked Play, they have “fallen in love with the 4v4 objective based format.”

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This has ultimately led to them only playing Ranked, uninterested in public matches. They aren’t the only ones who feel this way, as players in the comments express similar opinions.

One comment even said, “Was fully thinking this yesterday after jumping on pubs with my mates. I’ve been grinding ranked only and it’s so much better. The rules just feel like the keep the game more level and playable. Actual teamwork to the objectives aswell.”

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It seems players enjoy the teamwork and communication of the competitive mode more, as players mention that “way more people are on comms,” mainly because “winning and losing has a sense of value,” and players want to communicate to play better as a team rather than worrying about their individual performance.

Clearly, many in the community are enjoying Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play, but it also seems to be shedding light on some of the shortcomings found in pubs.

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Image Credits: Activision