Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play dev teases change to make solo play “viable”

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play player

Modern Warfare 2 players have been complaining about Ranked Play’s solo experience, calling for a Solo/Duo queue to stop four stacks dominating, prompting a response from a Treyarch dev.

Ranked Play arrived in Modern Warfare 2 with the Season 2 update and became an immediate success, with players loving the simplified rules, focus on objective play, and visible ranks to climb.

With the removal of a traditional red dot system, you’ll need to communicate to succeed, making teams of three and four extremely dominant. To get around this, many competitive games have a Solo/Duo queue option, and even limit ELO gains for full squads, but Modern Warfare 2 only has one option.

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Modern Warfare 2 players have been desperate for a Solo/Duo queue option to keep full teams and solo players separated, and a Treyarch dev has responded to the complaints.

Atlanta FaZe player Tyler ‘ABeZy’ Pharris called for a Ranked Play system that’s similar to Valorant, where once you hit Crimson or Iridescent, “you should only be able to duo-queue,” and “if you do four-stack, you should also get less SR.”

After Twitter account The Rotation shared the clip and asked whether Ranked Play needs a “solo/duo queue option,” Boston Breach player Ben ‘Beans’ McMellon replied: “To be honest this is absolute bare minimum for a Ranked Play system and is baffling how it got released (AFTER DELAYS) with this not addressed.”

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Treyarch’s Associate Director of Design, Lawrence Metten, reportedly said back in Vanguard: “We hear the feedback on the current solo experience and are taking a close look at the balance between solos and parties. We don’t currently have any plans for a solo/duo queue-only option.”

After Beans asked why, Metten replied again, saying: “we hear the feedback on the current solo experience and are actively evaluating some changes we hope will make solo play competitively viable in all Skill Divisions.”

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While a solo/duo queue option is far from confirmed, Treyarch are aware of the frustrations surrounding the solo experience in Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play. We expect the system to keep evolving as the year goes on, with April’s Season 3 update set to bring an SR reset and brand-new rewards to unlock.

For the time being, you can check out the best Ranked Play loadouts, audio, and controller settings to give yourself a competitive advantage.

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Image Credit: Activision