Modern Warfare 2 players ready to quit over “dumb” Ranked Play matchmaking

modern warfare 2 operators in ranked play

Modern Warfare 2 players are unhappy with the new Ranked Play as they slam the matchmaking for the mode.

One of the most welcomed additions to Modern Warfare 2 in the Season 2 update was the introduction of Ranked Play, which players had been calling for after warming up in the CDL Moshpit mode.

While many were eager to test their skills in a competitive mode, unfortunately, the first impressions of this mode haven’t been great, as players highlight their dissatisfaction with the matchmaking.

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On Reddit, users have been sharing their thoughts on Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play matchmaking, with one post highlighting an experience they had which pitted “all solos vs a full stack.”

The OP asks, “how were we supposed to win this?” clearly feeling that the matchmaking system had caused an unfair match-up. While this user experienced an unfair match when it comes to party size, others have experienced unfair matchmaking with the actual ranking.

In the comments, one user explains how they are constantly being matched with Platinum players when they are “silver/bronze.” This is ultimately making the player “want to quit ranked.”

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Players feel the matchmaking should be much more simple, as another comment read, “this is the one mode where it should be easy to do skill based matchmaking – just put people in the same rank in a game together. And yet.”

It seems players believe “hidden MMR” could be causing the problem with matchmaking, pitting players against higher-ranked opponents. This is something that players aren’t too sure about, as some think this system is “dumb,” believing that a player’s rank should be their rank.

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However, others feel hidden MMR means “you get rewarded more for beating people you’re supposed to beat and punished less by people that are supposed to beat you.”

Regardless, it seems players are confused with the system, so hopefully, the devs can tweak and tune things as time goes on, and maybe give players more details on how the matchmaking works.

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Image Credits: Activision