Modern Warfare 2 players want classic map to return to celebrate Christmas

Nathan Warby
Winter Crash in MW Remastered

With the festive period not too far away, Modern Warfare 2 players have picked out the classic wintery map they want to see make a comeback for Christmas.

The Call of Duty series is well-known for delivering some of the most iconic maps in gaming history, so expectations are always high when a new game rolls around. Modern Warfare 2 has offered players a varied selection of maps at launch, with 10 6v6 and five Battle maps to try out.

So far, the reception has been fairly mixed, with the community slamming Santa Sena Border Crossing for its simple design, but praising Zarqwa Hydroelectric for its creativity.

While the launch lineup consists only of new maps, the devs always like to bring back a few old favorites for long-time fans. With Christmas just around the corner, Modern Warfare 2 players have picked the classic map they want to see this winter.

Reddit user ChiChi-cake posted calling for Winter Crash to make a comeback in time for Christmas, begging Infinity Ward to “make it happen” by adding a 24/7 playlist for the festive map.

Winter Crash was initially released for the original Modern Warfare, then appeared in Modern Warfare Remastered back in 2016. It’s a snowy reskin of the iconic Crash map that takes place at night, featuring colorful fairy lights and a large Christmas tree in the center next to the helicopter.

The OP wasn’t the only one desperate to see Winter Crash make a return in Modern Warfare 2, with many agreeing that it would make for a fun Christmas playlist.

“Not to geek out or anything but this would make my year if they did this! I remember having so many good times with my buddies playing this map,” replied Waternut13134.

Seasonal maps like this have become more and more common in Call of Duty over the years. Vanguard added a Christmas version of Shipment called ‘Shipmas’ as part of its own 24/7 playlist, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Infinity Ward do something similar this year.

We already know that classic maps are set to be added over the next few months, but only time will tell if Winter Crash is one of the planned releases.

With plenty of beloved maps from the 2009 Modern Warfare 2 to pick from, we could even see a brand-new winter reskin instead.

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Image credits: Activision