Modern Warfare 2 players claim missing features make it worse than MW2019

Liam Mackay
Captain price in modern warfare 2 and modern warfare 2019

Despite Modern Warfare 2 players loving the maps and camo grind, they feel that its missing features make MW2019 the better game.

Modern Warfare 2019 changed the Call of Duty franchise in a lot of ways, and Infinity Ward carried on that blueprint with 2022’s Modern Warfare 2, adding a lot of new mechanics and modes but removing some fan-favorite features from the original.

Despite Modern Warfare 2’s improved graphics, more traditional map design, and streamlined camo challenges, players actually feel that there are “so many things that MW19 does better.”

Reddit user Jheeezeeesud took to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit to ask, “does anyone think MW19 was a lot more refined than MWII?”

While most of what they brought up are conscious design choices rather than refinement and polish, the Reddit user says it “just feels like MW19 had more love put into it.”

They listed how gameplay felt smoother due to weapon handling not feeling “sluggish,” calling in Killstreaks was “faster and smoother,” kills felt more satisfying, and of course, the UI was “100x better” than Modern Warfare 2’s.

Many users in the comments agreed, bringing up the little things that they feel made Modern Warfare 2019 an overall better experience despite its maps.

One player brought up how it feels like “there’s so much just missing from MW2,” including emotes such as checking your watch, customizable reticles, and sprays. Plus, players are desperate for 10v10 and Gunfight to return.

Others said there’s less to do because there are no Blueprint or seasonal emblem challenges. While these are all small things on their own, they feel that they all add up.

There were plenty of players who prefer Modern Warfare 2 though, mentioning that 2019 was “just as contentious” at launch.

There’s still a handful of Modern Warfare 2 seasons still to come with Season 2 up next, so we might see more fan-favorite features, modes, and mechanics from 2019 arrive over 2023.

Image Credit: Activision