Black Ops Cold War Standoff map change causes big debate

Andrew Highton
cold standoff map

Amidst other changes to Black Ops Cold War Season 4, Treyarch has also changed the Standoff map to now include a large sign. It has sent the CoD community into an uproar as the change reflects the original map, but fans don’t believe it.

In the same way that a blue, or gold, dress completely divided the internet, a big, yellow sign is causing similar issues in Black Ops Cold War. The game’s remastered Standoff map now features a big yellow sign that you can’t miss.

But this change is apparently a reflection of the original Standoff map from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Yet, many elite-level CoD players and fans won’t accept the change, and it’s a classic case of the Mandela Effect.

operator wielding amp63 pistols on standoff next to sign

The Mandela Effect is described as a phenomenon in which a person or a group of people have false or distorted memories. Meaning their perception of something that they believe to be accurate is actually completely false.

The heated discussion was really kicked off when Dallas Empire member iLLeY Tweeted a photo of the alleged new Standoff sign in Cold War.

“Can’t believe they just added this sign,” they said, and the picture showed that Standoff now has a large, yellow sign that covers the sightline between one spawn area and the alleyway next to the map’s tank.

The replies to the Tweet were decidedly mixed with many people refusing to accept that Standoff has ever had that sign there.

One user said: “Apparently it’s always been there, even in BO2, but a lot of people including myself do not remember it ever being there and thought that this was the first time we’d ever seen it. The simulation is glitching. Mandela effect is in overdrive.”

original standoff sign in black ops 2

We can 100% confirm that the sign was always there. For whatever reason, Treyarch decided to leave it out in the Cold War remastered version.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch