CoD players divided after Black Ops 6 listed as DLC

Joseph Pascoulis
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Black Ops 6 is on the horizon, and as we edge closer, more and more news is being announced. The latest revealed the game’s listing as DLC, which has led to some split opinions within the community.

Call of Duty HQ brings all of the franchise’s assets under one roof, with MW3, MW2, and Warzone all being playable through the app. Now, it has been announced that Black Ops 6 will follow and also become a part of Call of Duty HQ, after being listed as a “DLC” for the app.

While it’s convenient to have all these games in one place, some are furious about it, more specifically, they’re upset about new CoD titles being listed as DLCs as opposed to stand-alone titles.

Under CharlieIntel‘s post regarding Black Ops 6’s CoD HQ listing, many comments are slamming the parent app. “This is why HQ gotta go,” said one player, while another worried, “does that mean we have to use the same UI again.”

One user even said, “COD HQ is the worst thing that ever happened to Call of Duty.” However, others share a different opinion, as one replied, “COD HQ is the best thing tbh,” as they explained their joy for how CoD games have been integrating their content in the last few years.

However, another comment attempted to clear up the DLC listing confusion: “All it means is that BO6 is not the main application. Being labeled as DLC means nothing when it comes to gameplay and design choices made by Treyarch.”

One of the major bonuses of CoD HQ was the crossover of bundles and content from MW2 to MW3, but as Black Ops 6 isn’t associated with these, it’s unclear whether anything will crossover and the same goes for Warzone.

As of now, we don’t know how the transition from Modern Warfare 3 to Black Ops 6 will work, and whether things like cosmetics and weapons will crossover. We’ll likely get more information as time goes on, including what will happen with Warzone.

Black Ops 6 may launch as a DLC for the Call of Duty HQ app, but we still expect the game to be a premium Treyarch release with just as much content as there would be if it was a standalone app.

The DLC listing doesn’t actually confirm anything in terms of gameplay or design choices, all it tells us is that Black Ops 6 will be accessed through the Call of Duty HQ app, along with MW2, MW3, and Warzone.

This does inevitably mean that the CoD HQ app will grow in size, as we expect Black Ops 6 to host multiplayer, campaign, and Zombies modes, filled with content the pre-order bonuses and editions leak revealed after the Season 4 update for MW3 and Warzone.

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