Black Ops Cold War players confused as classic maps disappear

Luca Di Marzo
Black Ops Cold War missing maps

Some fan-favorite Black Ops Cold War maps have disappeared from the game, which has left Call of Duty players questioning the strange decision.

The weeks leading up to the release of a brand-new Call of Duty title often result in players taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting games of the past. With Modern Warfare 2 set to release on October 28, several players are keeping busy with Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

However, it seems that the Call of Duty titles they’re revisiting may have undergone some subtle changes during their time away from the games. Much to their confusion, players have noticed that classic Black Ops Cold War maps have been missing from the game.

A player’s post to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit reads: “Why have so many of the original maps disappeared!?” Players were confused to find the Cold War map pool notably smaller and offered their theories as to why this decision was made.

Most players admitted that Armada and the original version of Miami were the two maps they noticed missing the most. However, one player was quick to add another classic map to the list: “We’re missing Satellite and Armada Strike, too. Maybe a few others I’ve forgotten.”

Another player provided insight into the decision to remove the original Miami map in favor of the smaller Miami Strike map: “The night version of Miami was absolute s**t. Visibility was crap and people camped more on that map than people do at a festival.”

This seemed to be the most reasonable take of the bunch as players also noted that the devs explained this decision a while back: “This is the correct answer. they literally said they reworked Miami and will be removing the old one.”

Despite this explanation, players were quick to question the reasoning behind the removal of other classic maps: “that explains Miami But what other maps like Armada and Satalite?” To which one player responded, “Armada and Satellite were rotated out in favor of Jungle and WMD, unfortunate.”

Unfortunately, this decision seems to have caused confusion and frustration amongst players who are still looking to enjoy the Black Ops title with its classic launch maps.

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