Black Ops Cold War players call for changes to Blueprint attachments

Hamza Khalid
Cold War players want Blueprints changes

A few Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players have expressed their frustration with how the in-game Blueprints work and want Activision to implement some changes in the near future.

We’re now well into Cold War Season 3, and there is a wide variety of new content. There will be even more changes when the Season 3 Reloaded update drops, but fans are asking for changes to the Blueprint attachments.

These are special skins that you can attach to particular weapons to make them look more stylish and grant you access to attachments early, but Cold War players want them to keep their normal designs.

Cold War MP5 custom blueprint

Reddit user PillowcaseDestroyer made a post in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, where they expressed their frustration with the current state of the in-game Blueprints.

“Most of the Blueprint bundles have atrocious attachments that no one really uses, and putting on the better attachment destroys any design,” wrote the player. They then added that Blueprints should retain their original design, regardless of their attachments.

“I feel like a lot of people like me hesitate to buy bundles ( besides the price) because the attachments just don’t make any sense.”

The comments were filled with various players that share this sentiment. “They should at least make the other attachments the same color as the Blueprint ones so it’ll still match,” wrote one user.

Adding a “default look” option would keep enabled attachments from changing the look of the weapon, with the exceptions of grips, muzzle devices and magazines.

While it’s not clear if Activision and Treyarch will ever implement a feature like this, you can use the custom Blueprints feature to combine all the attachments for a weapon type, and create a unique brand new weapon Blueprint.

Image Credits: Activision

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