Black Ops Cold War player encounters nightmare rave glitch in Firebase Z

cod bocw firebase z zombies

Firebase Z is Black Ops Cold War’s newest take on zombies and one player found that their game had begun to glitch, turning the map into a weird rave.

It’s hard to imagine that something could make Firebase Z even freakier than it already is. Hordes of rampaging zombies chasing you is difficult, the newly-incorporated Mimics are vile, but how about all of this whilst the map is messing with your mind?

That was the situation that one Zombies player had to endure as part-way through their game another layer of weirdness was added.

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cod bocw firebase z gameplay

Reddit user BombasticBop was presumably looking to have a great game of Firebase Z: trying to build the RAI K-84, Pack-a-Punching it, and then completing the Easter Egg.

We don’t think he could have foreseen just how bizarre his game was about to become.

From the second the video clip begins, the screen was already flashing furiously, and a large number of colors were pulsatingly in nearly every section of the screen. It also seemed to add a disturbing horror film aesthetic to the footage as well.

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The player continued to move through the area as the map continued to degenerate into something seen in Insidious or Paranormal Activity. They even turned around one final time before heading to Firebase Z, and the starting area resembled a malfunctioning disco floor.

Even after they headed through the teleporter, it didn’t make any difference as the base continued to take BombasticBop on a trippy, abnormal variation of Firebase Z.

*Potential epilepsy warning

We’ve previously seen other Black Ops Cold War texture glitches that have turned Raid into Rainbow Road and also let players control the weather in the game.

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This one is a striking one as it’s so consistent throughout the whole map. It legitimately adds an extra element to Zombies and doesn’t even look too out of place. In any event, it’s a strange one that Treyarch may need to look at in the future.

Image credits: Treyarch