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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

NICKMERCS explains why he’s not excited for Warzone Season 2’s Outbreak mode

FaZe Clan member NICKMERCS has explained why Outbreak, Warzone’s large-scale mode featuring zombies, doesn’t interest him.



cod bocw warzone outbreak zombies nickmercs

While many Warzone fans are very excited for the battle royale’s upcoming Outbreak mode, FaZe Clan’s Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained why has some concerns about its introduction.

Time has flown by since the beginning of the Season 1 launch, and we are now on the cusp of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2. One of the biggest additions will be in the form of the new Outbreak mode which puts a twist on traditional zombies.

The mode features a far more open-world type experience with players having to clear out large areas, use vehicles, and more. However, there are rumors that zombies will also make the crossover into Warzone, and not just as a separate playlist.

While the idea of zombies running wild across Verdansk excites many, NICKMERCS is concerned it could ruin Warzone if every playlist suddenly becomes infested with hordes of the undead.”

cod warzone outbreak nickmercs

In his latest YouTube upload, it doesn’t take long for the FaZe Clan star to admit that he wouldn’t be “the biggest fan” of zombies in every Warzone playlist.” On the one hand, he’s happy that Warzone is finally getting some new content as he feels the game is in need of change, but he’s worried that Treyarch may go down the Fortnite route.

NICKMERCS explains: “I’m cool with the new game mode but I saw Fortnite do it a long time ago where they added zombies in every one of their modes on Fortnite. That’s the only thing I don’t want man.”

He also took the time to apologize for any negative remarks he’s made towards the Zombies community in the past as well.

Essentially he gets the idea of Zombies, he hopes people enjoy the new mode, but also says about zombies: “Just don’t take over Warzone, please.”

The mystery surrounding the potential presence of zombies in Warzone is certainly an intriguing one. It’s possible that a permanent inclusion of the undead across all modes would risk alienating regular Warzone players who prefer a normal, humans-only experience.

Only time will tell what Activision has in store for its loyal battle royale community. Season 2 is set to launch on February 25 and includes a free access week with Double XP for all.

Image credits: Activision