How to build the RAI K-84 in Firebase Z – Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s how to build the RAI K-84 wonder weapon in Black Ops Cold War’s newest Zombies map, Firebase Z.

The RAI K-84 is the wonder weapon of Firebase Z, and by far is the toughest buildable in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Here’s how you can build one yourself. For today’s tutorial, we’ll be following YouTuber MrRoflWaffles guide.

Note: Follow all steps in order, or you may get stuck.

Step 1 – Grab The Blueprint

To the left of the computer in the weapons lab will be on the wall on top of a weapons bench.

Step 2 – Retrieve The Eye

In the Scorched Defense area, or the beach, there will be a corpse leaning against a tank. Interact with it to take its eye.

Step 3 – Scan The Eye

Double back to the weapons lab and interact with the computer. The eye will be scanned and the desk drawer will open, revealing a locker key.

Step 4 – Open Lockers

In the barracks area, we’ll be opening lockers with the key we found in step #3. There are lockers in both barracks 1 and 2, so keep this in mind. As you open the lockers, you’ll want to find one that spawns a mimic.

Kill the mimic and see if it drops a “Barrel Stabilizer”. If it doesn’t, simply try again with the other lockers. This may take several tries.

Step 5 – Uncharged Power Cell

After round 15, the Mangler boss zombies will begin to spawn. We will need an uncharged power cell that is randomly dropped. Keep killing Manglers until you locate one.

Step 6 – Charging The Power Cell

Go back to the weapons lab and locate the table next to the armor upgrade station. Here you will be able to place a power cell to charge. Leave this here and go kill some zombies. It may take a full round to charge.

Step 7 – The Dart Board

This is by far the most frustrating step of all. If you get stuck, we recommend referencing MrRoflWaffles YouTube video for more visual aids.

For this step, you’ll be interacting with the computer in the Weapon Lab. There will be a light that goes in a circle and freezes a total of three times. Each freeze will correspond to a position on a dart board in the spawn room. Memorize these positions, then go to spawn and shoot the board in each position the computer noted, then shoot the bullseye.

If done correctly, the Aethurium Converter piece will drop.

Step 8 – Build the RAI K-84

We’ll be going back to the Weapon Lab for the final time now, where you can build the RAI K-84 on the workbench from step 1.

That’s it! If you ever get stuck, remember to watch MrRoflWaffles video, linked below.

Image Credit: Treyarch/MrRoflWaffles