Black Ops Cold Players call for fix for frustrating Gung-Ho exploit

Andrew Highton
gung ho perk in cod bocw

One of BOCW’s longest-standing issues still remains as the Gung-Ho exploit is still commonplace in the game. Players are voicing their frustrations with the bug and want it to be addressed.

It would be unreasonable to expect Treyarch to be aware of every single issue in Black Ops Cold War as they have to manage patching issues, adding new content, and other things.

But when you’ve got an outstanding exploit that has been brought up multiple times and has been a near-constant since the game’s launch, you begin to question if this bug will remain forever.

cod bocw multiplayer gameplay

BOCW Gung-Ho exploit needs fix

The exploit was found very early on in the game’s lifecycle and players were quick to spot this bug and bring it to Treyarch’s attention.

But fast-forward two months and the glitch is still very much in Black Ops Cold War’s gameplay and is still being abused by some players.

The exploit in question requires you to have the Gung-Ho Perk equipped and something throwable like a Semtex grenade. If you then hold down your button to throw the Semtex and don’t actually throw it, you can effectively sprint around the map and fire your gun simultaneously – completely eliminating sprint-to-fire time.

Now, there are noticeable drawbacks in that you can’t aim down the sight of your gun whilst you do this, meaning the method suffers on bigger maps. But on a tightly-packed map like Nuketown, the glitch naturally flourishes and decimates enemies.

ChiefofCheeks posted about the continuing issue on Reddit complaining about the exploit and how Treyarch has done little to reassure players that it will be fixed.

In the comments section, SpectralReflection says that: “Yeah at this point they’ve gone so long without acknowledging it I feel like it’s not going to get changed.”

That likely isn’t the case, but given how long the Gung-Ho exploit has been in the game, you do wonder how much longer it will remain in the game.

Image credits: Treyarch