MW3 players claim frustrating Chainsaw attachment bug is only getting worse

Nathan Warby
JAK Limb Ripper Aftermarket Part in MW3

The JAK Limb Ripper has been hailed as one of the most amusing attachments in MW3, but a strange bug is causing players to suddenly die at the hands of their own chainsaw.

Modern Warfare 3 features a varied selection of attachments for players to choose from, giving them plenty of room to experiment when creating their best loadouts. On top of all these, new Aftermarket Parts arrive regularly to offer even more options.

Some of these special attachments have gone on to become meta picks, like the JAK Glassless Optic or the JAK BFB Muzzle. Meanwhile, the JAK Limb Ripper unlocks an actual chainsaw to strap to the bottom of your weapon.

While many players have seized the chance to wreak havoc with this attachment in MW3, a bizarre bug is ruining the fun.

Reddit user ‘PraiseThaBreadI’ shared a post titled “Suicide by Jak Ripper” explain that that they had mysteriously died while using the Aftermarket Part. “I’m not sure how, but my character killed herself with the Jak Ripper attachment,” said the confused OP.

They also included a video of the incident, which showed them gearing up to use the chainsaw on an unsuspecting enemy, before suddenly exploding into a cloud of red.

As you’d expect, plenty of other MW3 players responded to roast the bug, clearly seeing the funny side of what happened.

“The other guy was using the JAK Uno Reverse card,” joked one reply, before another added: “I told you to not run with scissors, that also applies to hedge clippers!”

The OP wasn’t alone, as fellow fans explained they had run into a similar problem: “For some reason, when you walk forwards while using, it makes you implode haha.”

Others pointed out that this is an issue that the devs are aware of, as their official Trello board mentions that there is a “fix scheduled” for the bug. While they haven’t said when the solution will be released, the Season 2 Reloaded update on March 6 seems most likely.

However, the Trello card only references the JAK Limb Ripper self-inflicting damage on Free-for-All, but other replies claimed to have experienced the bug on Domination and Hardpoint.

We’ll have to wait and see if the devs completely resolve the issue in the midseason update, which is also set to bring the SOA Subverter and Soulrender weapons to MW3.

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