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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to report bugs to Black Ops Cold War developers

Black Ops Cold War has had many issues since launch, so here’s how to help the developers by reporting bugs and glitches.



Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has had many bugs and issues since its launch, so Treyarch has advised players on how to report bugs to developers.

Black Ops Cold War has been developed during a global pandemic, with many developers having to work from home. Understandably, the game has had a lot of bugs and issues over the past couple of months, but this makes it no less frustrating.

On their Official Trello Board, where they keep track of all known bugs and issues and their status, Treyarch posted a guide on how to report bugs to developers.

How to report BOCW bugs

Bugs should be reported to developers through official channels, such as their Twitter or Community-Run Subreddits.

You can also fill out a form on Activision’s website, where they ask you to detail the type of bug, give a detailed description, and select what region you are closest to. If you just want to leave a general impression of BOCW, you can tell them what you like and what you would like to see improved here.

Black Ops Cold War Raid gameplay

When describing a bug, Treyarch asks players to be as detailed as possible.

“Share details as plainly as possible,” they said. “Make sure to include your Activision ID, platform, region, and the dates/times that you encountered this issue. If you can reproduce a bug reliably, please share how to step-by-step.”

“Gameplay capture is always appreciated and can help us narrow an issue down quickly,” they continued. “Please host your video on YouTube, Twitter, or Reddit, and check out the links below if you need help getting started.”

Recording Options:

Uploading Options:

Once you have recorded your video, or written down a detailed description, “you can publicly share bug reports on Twitter and community-run subreddits or directly with Activision Player Support via forms and direct messages. If electing to use Reddit, please tag your thread appropriately with the Bug flair.”

Black Ops Cold War Moscow gameplay

The Community-Run Subreddits are as follows:

Once you have submitted a bug report, Treyarch may “follow up with additional questions, and some may be dependent on your platform. These can include a request for the results of your ReportCodBug.exe or party-related items such as who was hosting.”

“We will never ask you for passwords to any of your accounts,” they concluded.

Treyarch want to game to be great as much as you do, so be polite and informative when submitting bug reports and you’ll be helping Black Ops Cold War be the best game it can be.

Image Credits: Activision