Apex Legends Broken Moon invisible walls fix confirmed by devs

Hamza Khalid
Broken Moon in Apex Legends

One of the Apex Legends developers has confirmed that a fix is coming for the invisible walls that players have been encountering in Season 15’s new Broken Moon map.

Season 15 finally arrived on November 1, bringing a plethora of brand-new content for Apex Legends players to explore, including the new Legend Catalyst and the Broken Moon map.

The new map’s size is impressive, with the developers comparing it to World’s Edge. Broken Moon is the fifth map to be added to the game and has won players over. However, the community noticed a strange problem on the map, and so did the developers.

Many players reported encountering an invisible wall blocking their equipment at Broken Moon’s Promenade POI. They would throw grenades which would end up bouncing off of thin air.

Apex Legends level designer Aaron Stump confirmed on Twitter that this issue has caught the attention of Respawn Entertainment, and they’re working on fixing it. They’re also addressing a bug that causes foliage to deflect bullets. 

Aaron added that the fix might not be implemented until the arrival of the 15.1 patch which is a quality of life update for the Broken Moon map. He then requested that players keep sending any bugs they encounter and he will “pass them over.”

Despite the invisible wall glitch causing problems, Broken Moon has still been well-received by fans. It features 16 different POIs to explore and you can use Zip Rails transport system to get around quickly.

Hopefully, things will smooth out once the 15.1 update brings changes to the map. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as this fix has been implemented in the game.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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