Apex Legends Season 15 Broken Moon map: Release date, POIs, size & Zip Rails

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apex legends broken moon map

Respawn Entertainment have officially revealed that Season 15 of the battle royale will bring yet another new map. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Broken Moon map, including the release date, POIs, Zip Rails, and more.

With Season 14 coming to an end, Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse is fast approaching, bringing a heap of new content including a brand-new BR map, Broken Moon. While players wait for the new update, they can participate in an in-game teaser of the brand-new Season 15 map with a Golden Ticket.

This teaser allows players to see the “New Home” of the Apex Games, Cleo, which is Boreas’ moon. The new Legend Catalyst has been on Cleo attempting to save the moon with a terraforming crew, but the Apex Games has other plans.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 15 map Broken Moon.

When will Apex Legends Broken Moon map release?

The new Apex Legends Season 15 map will release on November 1, which is the same date that the Season 15 update will go live.

As soon as the update is live, players will be able to jump into Broken Moon and explore all of the new terrain. Having said that, there is a way for players to see the map early in-game with the “A New Home” teaser. Some have even figured out how to break out of the teaser and explore the new map.

If you’d like to know how to activate this teaser, check out our guide.

Apex Legends Season 15 map: Broken Moon

Respawn Entertainment have officially unveiled the new Apex Legends Season 15 map as Broken Moon. The new map is said to have a similar scale to World’s Edge, lots of variety in the POIs, varying biomes, and a new transport system with Zip Rails.

Both Seer and Catalyst are from Boreas, and the planet has been going through some troubles since its moon shattered, which some blame Seer’s gaze for.

Now, the Legends will battle it out on the shattered moon, and as the ending of the “Last Hope” Stories from the Outlands video hinted, Catalyst will look to save the collapsing moon from Hammond, saying “I had to come here, to protect my true home.”

All Apex Legends Broken Moon POIs

bionomic poi on broken moon in apex legends

Thanks to new details from Respawn, we now have images and details regarding every POI on the new Apex Legends Broken Moon map.

Thanks to the EA blog, here are all sixteen of the Apex Legends Broken Moon POIs:

  • Terraformer
  • Statis Net Array
  • Atmostation
  • Backup Atmo
  • Perpetual Core
  • Bionomics
  • The Divide
  • Alpha Base
  • Eternal Gardens
  • Breaker Wharf
  • Production Yard
  • The Foundary
  • Dry Gulch
  • Cultivation
  • Promenades (two POIs in one)

Each of these POIs are unique, with some being much larger than we have seen in Apex before. The devs decided to introduce these larger-scale POIs in Broken Moon to help the flow of a match and prevent hot drops.

These POIs all have their own story to tell when it comes to terraforming and saving Cleo. For example, the Atmostations created a breathable atmosphere on the moon, and Terraformer was “constructed to prevent the moon from dying.”

That’s all on Apex Legends Season 15’s new Broken Moon map. For more, check out how the new Gifting system works in Apex Legends Season 15.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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