Best guns in Apex Legends Season 19: Every weapon ranked

Revenant in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has several guns for players to use, some of which can provide better damage and versatility than others. Here’s a full breakdown of the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 19 to help you loot effectively.

Apex Legends Season 19 is underway, with players enjoying the reworked Storm Point as well as the new Legend Conduit. Apart from these updates, Respawn also brought plenty of changes for Legends along with nerfs and buffs for weapons.

With constant balance changes, the meta always shifts in the game, leaving you to figure out what weapon works best for you. So, here’s a ranked list of all the weapons in Apex Legends Season 19, including a countdown to the top picks in the title.

Best weapons in Apex Legends Season 19

Some of the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 19 are the Wingman, Kraber, and Hemlok. There are a total of 29 weapons in Apex Legends, and we’ve included the guns that are only available through Care Packages in our list. The current weapons in Care Packages are the Kraber, Wingman, Bocek, and Prowler.

Of course, the weapons in this list aren’t necessarily going to be your go-to choices. Having said that, this list will reflect the current in-game meta, giving you a good idea of which weapons are considered to be the best within the community.

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Here’s every weapon in Apex Legends Season 19 ranked:

  1. Wingman
  2. Kraber
  3. Hemlok
  4. Nemesis
  5. C.A.R
  6. Prowler
  7. R-99
  8. Bocek
  9. 30-30 Repeater
  10. Flatline
  11. Havoc
  12. Peacekeeper
  13. R-301
  14. Hemlock
  15. Charge Rifle
  16. L-STAR
  17. Triple Take
  18. Longbow
  19. G7 Scout
  20. Alternator
  21. Volt
  22. EVA-8
  23. Devotion
  24. Sentinel
  25. Rampage
  26. Spitfire
  27. RE-45
  28. Mozambique
  29. P2020

Top 5 weapons in Apex Legends Season 19

5. C.A.R – Best SMG in Apex Legends

apex legends car smgRespawn Entertainment
The C.A.R. is a top-tier SMG in Apex Legends.

Boasting a high fire rate and extremely fast DPS, the C.A.R. takes the top spot among the Submachine Gun class, especially since the R-99 was heavily nerfed in the Season 18 update.

At close range, the weapon shreds and is even very accurate when firing from the hip. The recoil can be pretty hard to control, so make sure you’re within the weapon’s range. With attachments, the recoil becomes easier to control.

The C.A.R.’s best feature by far is that it takes both Light and Heavy ammo, as well as magazines.

This makes it extremely flexible, and whether you find a Heavy or Light mag, you’ll be able to use it with this weapon and make it even more deadly. This also means that you’re hardly ever short for ammo, which is an important aspect of dominating in Apex Legends.

4. Nemesis

nemesis burst ar in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
The Nemesis is a burst-lover’s dream gun in Apex Legends.

Nemesis is a burst AR and is one of the best Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Season 19. Debuting in Season 16, the Nemesis has been an extremely strong addition to the arsenal, with its burst fire that speeds up as you fire.

While this AR isn’t the most versatile option in the game, its damage output in mid to long ranges is second to none. You’ll often surprise yourself with how fast you’re able to knock down your enemies using this absolute machine of a gun.

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3. Hemlok – Best AR in Apex Legends

Hemlok AR in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Hemlok is a solid choice in Apex Legends.

The Hemlok has remained one of the best ARs in Apex Legends in Season 19 as well, despite the nerf in this season. It’s once again a burst AR, enabling you to land your shots.

Hemlok is also easy to control over most ranges, thanks to its low recoil kickback, allowing you to output consistent DPS.

Bear in mind that the Boosted Loader has been removed from the floor loot available in Season 19, so you can’t quickly reload the Hemlok using this attachment anymore.

2. Kraber – Best Sniper in Apex Legends

apex legends longbowRespawn Entertainment

Our pick for the best Sniper in Apex Legends Season 19 is the Kraber. Of course, this weapon doesn’t have the one-shot kill potential anymore, especially against the high-level shields, but it has the ability to dish out heavy damage that can change the outcome of your match.

Regardless of the shields, the Kraber does almost 200 damage with every headshot, which makes this gun ideal for starting fights. This also makes the Kraber a guaranteed pick from the Care Packages in Apex Legends Season 19.

1. Wingman – Best Pistol in Apex Legends

apex legends wingmanRespawn Entertainment
The Wingman continues to be one of the strongest weapons in the game.

The Wingman undoubtedly is the best weapon in Apex Legends Season 19. Many in the community believe that this season’s Wingman is just as dominant as the one available right after launch. This is largely due to the weapon getting a buff along with being moved to the Care Package.

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If you’re hitting your shots with this weapon, it’s extremely deadly and a great option as a secondary for anyone with a fast, rushing playstyle. This is even more true when running Skullpiercer Elite in Season 19, which removes all the headshot damage reduction of the higher level helmet shields and allows you to always deal a 95 damage headshot.

There you have it, all the weapons in Apex Legends ranked as well as why the top five picks will help you secure wins easily in Season 19.

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