What is Battle Sense in Apex Legends?

Joseph Pascoulis

Apex Legends Season 21 introduces Battle Sense in the new Solos mode, but what is it and how does the mechanic work?

It’s exciting times for Apex Legends players, as the Season 21 update has brought the highly-requested return of Solos.

The Solo Takeover replaces Duos, and it brings some interesting new mechanics to the battle royale experience to accommodate the lack of squads. One of these features is Battle Sense, so what is it and how does it work in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Battle Sense explained

Battle Sense is a new HUD indicator that tells you when enemies are within 50 meters and it’s exclusive to Solos in Apex Legends Season 21.

This gives players a much better idea of when they are in the vicinity of players, preventing players from being able to camp their way to victory. It encourages faster gameplay, as players are more incentivized to stay on the move and search for enemies that are nearby if they can’t hear or see them.

As well as Battle Sense, the circle sizes and round times have also been adjusted to help the flow of Apex Legends Solos matches.

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