Who is Uplink in Apex Legends? Leaked abilities & details

Joseph Pascoulis
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An Apex Legends leak has revealed details about an unreleased Legend called Uplink, so here are all the details.

Apex Legends is host to an abundance of characters that all have unique personalities and abilities. The Legends add variety, excitement, and a skill gap to the gameplay, as players learn to master the abilities and express themselves through the character they play.

Apart from Season 16 skipping a Legend and Season 18 bringing the rework for Revenant, most new seasons add a brand-new Legend. Leaks suggest that Conduit will arrive in Season 19, but after that, more leaks have revealed another Legend called Uplink.

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For those interested in the leaked Apex Legends character Uplink, here’s everything we know about the unreleased Legend according to dataminers and leakers, including their potential abilities and more.

According to Thordan Smash, a reliable Apex Legends reporter, a Legend called Uplink has been in the game files for some time, and may finally see the light of day in Season 20 of the battle royale.

Based on information provided by leaker Osvaldatore, it’s possible that we could see Uplink in Season 20 of Apex Legends, and they may be connected to the satellite in Broken Moon’s Statis Array POI.

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Osvaldatore claims that his November 2022 tweet referencing the “antenna” in this POI and a “group of workers” that will come to fix it, calling them “satellite saviors,” is actually true and connected to the unreleased Legend, Uplink.

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This is backed up by the fact that Uplink’s leaked in-game title is “Satellite Savior,” hinting at the Legend’s connection with the huge satellite at the Statis Array POI on Broken Moon.

Keep in mind that these are just leaks and speculation, as none of this information has been confirmed by Respawn. We’ll be sure to update this piece as and when official details are released so stay tuned.

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Thordan Smash also shared the leaked Apex Legends abilities for Uplink:

  • Passive: Network Communion – Gain 25% Recovery Effects used in Signal Range.
  • Tactical: Shield Satellite – Release a Satellite that follows allies to regenerate their shields and revive.
  • Ultimate: Immortality Relay Beacon – Deployable Satellite beacon that prevents allies in the signal range from being downed.

As you can see, it seems like Uplink will be a support Legend, helping teammates stay alive and giving them shields when they’re in need. These are not the confirmed abilities for Uplink and we’ve seen leaked abilities for Legends such as Ballistic and Catalyst be very close to the final product, but also have a lot of tweaks to their kit upon launch.

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So, with that said, we expect to see tweaks and changes to the kit prior to Uplink’s release, but as more information is released we’ll be sure to update this section. Take all of this with a pinch of salt, as nothing about Uplink’s abilities has been confirmed.

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