Who is Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends? Abilities, new look, more

revenant reborn in season 18 of apex legendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 18 is in full swing and it features a major overhaul for Revenant, one of the fan-favorite Legends in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Revenant Reborn, including all of the new abilities, release date, and more.

Apex Legends players tend to get a new Legend each season, with the most recent being Ballistic for Season 17.

A rework for the Season 4 Legend Revenant was speculated for months before the release of the new season and was finally confirmed as Respawn Entertainment revealed that Revenant Reborn is a major rework for Revenant that arrived in the Season 18 update.

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With that said, let’s get into the details of Revenant Reborn.

Who is Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends?

Revenant Reborn is the rework for the Legend Revenant from Season 4. Despite technically not being a new Legend, Revenant Reborn brings a “killer new look and deadly new abilities,” pretty much making this version of Revenant a new character for the game.

Revenant Reborn comes with a new launch bundle to emphasize the new look for the character. This is similar to what’s done when a new Legend is introduced, so players can basically treat Revenant Reborn as the new Legend for Season 18.

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Further, Revenant will be unlocked for all players in Season 18, but they must complete a set of quests by the end of the season to permanently unlock the Legend after the season has ended.

Apex Legends Revenant Reborn abilities

Here’s Revenant Reborn’s full kit for Season 18, including all of his abilities and their descriptions:

  • Passive: Assasin’s Instinct
    • Highlight nearby visible enemies who are low on health. You crouch walk faster and have improved wall climbing.
  • Tactical: Shadow Pounce
    • Unleash a powerful pounce forward. Hold to charge for farther distances.
  • Ultimate: Forged Shadows
    • Forge a shroud of hardened shadows around you that blocks direct damage and regenerates after breaking. Your shadows and tactical are refreshed on knockdowns.

Check out the video below for some gameplay of these abilities:

That’s all for Revenant Reborn’s full abilities and details. The Legend arrived with Season 18 and will be free for all players for the duration of the season, so if you like the look of the abilities, make sure you log on during the season and give the character a go.

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