Who is the most popular Apex Legends character? Season 20 pick rates

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Apex Legends Season 20 has a solid roster of characters to pick from, and all of them have unique skills and playstyles. We’ll go over the top Season 20 pick rates in Respawn’s battle royale so you know who the most popular Legends are.

Apex Legends hit the ground running when it launched with eight different characters to choose from in its battle royale offering. There are now a whopping 25 different Legends to choose from in Apex Legends Season 20.

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Season 20 introduced a variety of buffs and nerfs, and despite no new Legend arriving, there are some big changes to the pick rates thanks to the new Legend Upgrades and content.

Let’s take a look at the current pick rates to see how things shape up after the free-to-play shooter’s new season.

Apex Legends Season 20 pick rate ranked list

This is our complete list of every character in Apex Legends, and we’ve ranked them to let you know which are favored.

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Here is every Apex Legends pick rate in Season 20 ranked, as of February 23, 2024, according to Apex Legends Status:

  1. Octane – 8.5%
  2. Pathfinder – 7.6%
  3. Bangalore – 7.3%
  4. Wraith – 7.3%
  5. Bloodhound – 6%
  6. Conduit – 5.9%
  7. Seer – 5.9%
  8. Lifeline – 5.6%
  9. Horizon – 5%
  10. Revenant – 4.6%
  11. Mad Maggie – 4%
  12. Fuse – 4%
  13. Loba – 3.8%
  14. Mirage – 3.5%
  15. Ash – 2.9%
  16. Valkyrie – 2.8%
  17. Caustic– 2.7%
  18. Wattson – 2.5%
  19. Rampart – 1.9%
  20. Vantage – 1.6%
  21. Crypto – 1.5%
  22. Ballistic – 1.5%
  23. Catalyst – 1.3%
  24. Gibraltar – 1.2%
  25. Newcastle – 0.9%

Most picked Legends in Apex Legends Season 20

5. Bloodhound- 6%

Bloodhound Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Bloodhound has broken into the top five for Season 20.

Bloodhound lands in fifth position with a strong 6% pick rate, making him the most popular recon character in the game.

Bloodhound’s scans are invaluable, as gaining any information on the enemy’s position is a recipe for success. Then, his Ultimate gives him the ability to be aggressive and hunt players down, which makes for a scary combination.

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4. Wraith – 7.3%

apex legends wraithRespawn Entertainment
Wraith teleports into fourth.

Wraith is easily one of the most iconic and popular Legends since the game’s release, currently sitting in fourth position with a 7.3% pick rate.

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Her abilities are great for survivability and getting the team out of sticky situations, making her a great offense Legend, but also a great Legend for rotation and defense when your team needs an escape.

3. Bangalore – 7.3%

Bangalore holding a gun in the poster for Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Sneaking into third is Bangalore.

Bangalore finds herself in third position with a solid 7.3% pick rate. This Legend has been strong ever since being introduced to the game, as her effectiveness in both defensive and offensive plays allows her to shine.

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Her Tactical gives Bangalore and her team protection, while her Passive keeps her light on her feet and hard to hit while being shot at. Lastly, her Ultimate is perfect for crowd control and stopping enemies from pushing.

2. Pathfinder – 7.6%

apex legends pathfinder with thumbs upRespawn Entertainment
Pathfinder swings his way to the number two spot.

Pathfinder has consistently been one of Apex Legends’ top five picks and is currently sitting in second place with a 7.6% pick rate.

As a Skirmisher class, Pathfinder simply excels in movements and traversing the game’s various maps. His Grappling Hook and Zipline Gun are simply invaluable assets that will help any team in a pinch – either because of the circle or a third-party situation.

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1. Octane – 8.5% – Most picked Legend in Apex Legends Season 20

apex legends octaneRespawn Entertainment
Octane bounces into number one.

With an 8.5% pick rate, the speed demon Octane has taken the number one spot in Season 20. Aside from his amusing quips, he is the perfect balance of offense and defense.

Despite being regarded as an offensive Legend, Octane can greatly increase his sprint speed which is useful for both attacking and running away. But, most Octane users thrive on his Launch Pad Ultimate which can send him, and friendly players, high up into the air.

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That covers all the picks in Apex Legends Season 20. As always, buffs and nerfs will come and go throughout the season, altering the game’s meta, and subsequently, Legend pick rates.

We’ll be sure to keep this updated regularly so you can stay on top of the picks and don’t forget to check out some of our other guides below:

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