Who is Apex Legends’ Catalyst? Season 15 Legend abilities & more

apex legends season 15 catalyst battle pass skin

A new Legend is set to arrive in Season 15 of Apex Legends called Catalyst, but who is she and what are her abilities?

As Season 14 of Apex Legends draws to a close, with the Fight or Fright event giving players some LTM goodness with four weeks of Gun Run, Control, and Shadow Royale, the community’s attention turns to Season 15.

Teasers have already started for the new season, with players crafting Golden Tickets in-game for an early look at the “New Home” of the Apex Games, with a new moon battle royale map releasing in Season 15.

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As well as this, Season 15 will also bring a new Legend, Catalyst. Here’s everything you need to know about the Legend Catalyst, including her abilities.

Who is Catalyst in Apex Legends?

Catalyst is an “experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer” whose real name is Tressa Smith, a 29-year-old trans woman from Boreas. According to the EA blog, Catalyst “uses her remarkable control of ferrofluid to manipulate the battlefield.”

Catalyst is from the same planet as Seer, Boreas, where its moon, Cleo, has been shattered and is potentially going to fall. In her Story from the Outlands video, Catalyst attempts to save Cleo with her best friend, but the plan ultimately fails, resulting in her best friend’s death.

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Now, Catalyst has joined the Apex Games to use the money to protect her family and to also protect Cleo on the frontlines, as it’s now home to the Apex Games and will be the new map for Season 15.

Apex Legends Catalyst abilities

Thanks to the EA Blog on Apex Legends Season 15, we finally have official details on Catalyst’s abilities.

  • Passive: Barricade 
    • Reinforce doors, strengthening them and locking them to enemies. Spaces where doors have been destroyed can also be reinforced. (Can reinforce up to two doorways)
  • Tactical: Piercing Spikes 
    • Throw out a patch of ferrofluid which turns into spikes when enemies are near. Catalyst remains immune to enemy spikes.
  • Ultimate: Dark Veil
    • Raise a permeable wall of ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be slowed and partially blinded for a brief time.

As you can see, Catalyst’s abilities revolve around the ferrofluid, as she can manipulate the element to her advantage, even using her Dark Veil Ultimate to counter scan characters.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment