Apex Legends Season 17 brings new weapon mastery system

Joseph Pascoulis
wraith in the new apex legends season 17 firing range

Apex Legends Season 17 will bring an exciting new weapon mastery system to the game, which will allow players to level up weapons and get new rewards.

Apex Legends Season 17 is set to revolutionize the free-to-play battle royale game with a brand-new Legend, World’s Edge map updates, and more when it lands on May 9.

Despite not getting a new Legend last season, players did get a new gun. Meanwhile, Season 17’s name, “Arsenal,” is very fitting considering that the devs have decided to bring an all-new weapon mastery system to the game.

For those interested in this new system, here’s our guide to weapon mastery in Apex Legends.

bangalore in the new apex legends season 17 firing rangeApex Legends players will be able to level weapons up in Season 17.

What is the weapon mastery system in Apex Legends?

Weapon mastery is an all-new progression system introduced in Apex Legends Season 17 that allows players to level up weapons and gain rewards.

Starting in Season 17, every gun will be Level 1 for players, and doing damage, getting kills, and performing other successful actions with the weapons will grant you weapon XP. This level will not reset each season and is instead a long progression system, similar to your player level.

Every 20 levels, players will receive a trial, which, if completed, will grant the player a reward. According to the devs, the trials are “skill dependant,” so it may take you some time to complete them.

The max level for a weapon is 100, and the rewards include weapon-specific mastery badges, performance trackers, and a Legendary Apex Weapon Pack at Level 100 (crafting materials will be granted to those who already have all of the Legendary skins).

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