All Ranked changes in Apex Legends Season 20 explained

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Apex Legends Season 20 is set to bring massive changes to the free-to-play battle royale, including an overhauled Ranked system. So, here’s all you need to know about Season 20’s Ranked overhaul in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 20 will introduce a ton of changes and content to the game, including brand-new game modes, an upgraded shield and armor system, as well as cosmetic content within the Battle Pass, and more.

Additionally, Apex Legends Ranked mode is set for a massive overhaul to update how the mode works and offer players a better competitive experience.

If you’re wondering what changes Respawn have introduced to the mode, here’s all you need to know about Apex Legends Season 20 Ranked.

Apex Legends Season 20 revamped ranking & matchmaking

Apex Legends Season 20 will introduce massive changes to the Ranked mode, starting with the ranking and matchmaking systems.

Apex Ranked mode previously used MMR where players’ ratings were adjusted according to their performance. However, Season 20 will instead use the players’ RP value to match players. To do this, all players will reset to 1 RP. Subsequently, this means the LP (Ladder Points) system has been removed.

straight shot mode in apex legends
Apex Legends Season 20 is set to shift how the Ranked mode works.

The primary focus will be killing opponents. Each elimination will be worth a certain amount of RP, and the RP value will also increase the higher you place in the match.

Players will be able to queue with anyone in Ranked, however, the highest RP value will determine the matchmaking of the game.

Apex Legends Ranked provisional matches & Promotional Trials removed

Despite being introduced last season, provisional matches and Promotional Trials will be removed from Apex Legends Ranked mode in Season 20.

The former was Apex’s system designed to know which rank players should be placed on when starting their competitive journey by playing 10 matches. As for the latter, they were a set of challenges that a player was assigned after reaching the top of a rank tier.

These changes are expected to allow players to start playing right away and later on not be obliged to complete any challenges to advance through the ranks.

Splits to return in Apex Legends Ranked mode

Apex Legends Splits are set to come back during mid-season. First introduced with Ranked Series 3, Splits are expected to divide Season 20’s Ranked season into two stages, including a soft reset that will put players’ competitive skills to the test to get exciting rewards at the end of the competitive season.

apex legends characters fighting on olympus
Apex Legends Season 20 will bring a ton of new LMTs and cosmetic content.

If they follow the original functionality, Splits could introduce a diverse range of battlegrounds and challenges for players to engage with during the same Ranked season.

All in all, that’s everything about Apex Legends Season 20 Ranked mode overhaul. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides:

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