All Apex Legends ranked changes in Season 17: RP removed, anti-cheat updates, more

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ballistic pointing smart pistol at ash in apex legends

Apex Legends is getting some huge ranked changes in Season 17, overhauling the way players earn points as well as updating the matchmaking and anti-cheat systems.

Apex Legends Season 17 is bringing some exciting content to the game, as not only will players be getting the new Legend, Ballistic, after a season without a new face, but the devs are also bringing some World’s Edge map changes, a new weapon mastery system, and some meaningful ranked changes.

Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues is extremely popular, with many players grinding each season to reach a higher rank.

That said, many feel that changes are needed to make the mode more enjoyable and fair, and luckily, Apex Legends Season 17 will look to provide an update to Ranked Leagues to do just that. So, for those interested in all of the Apex Legends Season 17 ranked changes, here’s our complete guide.

wraith in the new apex legends season 17 firing rangeApex Legends Season 17 will feature some exciting changes for ranked.

Every Apex Legends Season 17 ranked change

Here’s every Apex Legends ranked change coming in Season 17:

  • Ranked points have been replaced by Ladder Points and the match entry cost is now static (-35).
  • Players will get a bonus to their score based on kills, assists, and the skill of the lobby.
  • Matchmaking will now be based off a hidden skill rating (MMR) rather than rank.
  • No more ranked split, instead, players will have their rank reset at the start of each season and will have to complete 10 Provisional Matches to get ranked.
  • Increased required Level to play ranked from 25 to 50.
  • Players will no longer score for killing the same person more than once in the same match.

Apex Legends RP replaced by Ladder Points

One of the most significant changes coming in Apex Legends Season 17 is the removal of RP from ranked. In the new season, players will instead earn Ladder Points (LP), and the devs’ aim with this change is to take the focus off racking up kills and place it more on winning the battle royale.

Major matchmaking changes

Matchmaking for Apex Legends Ranked Leagues has also received an overhaul, as players will now be matched with others based on skill rather than rank. Apex will now feature a hidden MMR rating, which the matchmaking will use to match you against similarly skilled players.

The devs have also introduced a way to make matchmaking more fair across different-sized squads through this MMR system.

As well as matchmaking changes to improve the overall experience for Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues, the devs will also be bringing some anti-cheat updates to combat cheaters and hackers.

Apex Legends Season 17 ranked will also be getting some anti-cheat updates.

Apex Legends Season 17 brings anti-cheat updates

To fight the battle against cheaters and hackers, the devs have also increased their anti-cheat efforts. The overall player Level required to participate in Ranked Leagues has been changed from 25 to 50, making it harder for players to make a new account and grind lower-ranked lobbies.

There are now Provisional Matches to slow cheaters down even further and the new scoring changes mean players can’t cheat by killing the same enemies over and over again. The devs also claim to have new detection methods to seek out cheaters and hackers. Lastly, the decoupling of MMR and Ladder Points will make it harder for cheaters to work their way up the ranks without getting caught.

That’s all for the Apex Legends Season 17 ranked changes. For more, check out some of our other guides below:

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